Storing A Car on 2 Post Lift

Storing A Car on 2 Post Lift [Explained!]

Car lifts have been a very popular choice for storing cars in recent times. However, people often get confused since they don’t know that much about it. We understand if you are also looking for answers.

So, why should you go for storing a car on 2 post lift?

Well, there are several things you should consider before getting one. First, we will talk about ease of use. Then, we will look into its safety considerations. Then, our focus will be on the space it occupies. After that, we will consider the extra functionalities, ease of installation, and pricing.

That’s not all. We have much more in store for you regarding this. By the end of this article, you will know everything you need!

So, what’s the hold-up? Let’s get down to the lifting, shall we?

All About Storing Car On 2 Post Lifts

In this section, we will be talking about the various features that you need to consider for this. These features are very crucial to take into consideration since these lifts do not come cheap. Let’s start right away!

Feature 1: Ease of Use & Convenience

Two metal arms are used in “frame engaging” 2 post automobile lifts to spread the load of a vehicle. This works for both horizontal and vertical garage heater setups.

The disadvantage of 2 post lifts is that there is much less opportunity for error when utilizing them correctly. The proper lifting spots that can differ from vehicle to vehicle must be appropriately identified. This basically means that employing 2 post vehicle lifts calls for greater caution and accuracy.

Since they only support two sides of the car, you might feel that your car will nosedive. If you compare it to a 4 post lift, it does seem a little less convenient. However, it is pretty safe even though the ease of use is a bit shaky.

Feature 2: Safety Considerations

Choosing the right lifting locations when utilizing a 2-post lift is crucial for securely storing your car. A raised car with an imbalanced center of gravity increases the likelihood of falling. But that is only if you don’t do this.

Any car lift produced by a credible company should follow the strictest safety regulations and be ALI-certified. It’s also important for it to be professionally installed.

Additionally, a  crucial part is routine maintenance of your 2 post car lifts.

Feature 3: Space It Occupies In Garage

2 post elevators Utilize the vertical space within the garage that can be used. 

Naturally, you’ll want to check that your garage has enough overhead clearance space. This is important for your car lift to function effectively. Some people prefer 4 post lifts for a 10-foot garage ceiling.

Take into account things like the position of the power cord and the height of your garage doors. It’s also important to think about where to put things like lights and storage racks. 

For greater space to install a car lift, one modification option is a high lift conversion.

It is undeniable that  2 post lifts require less space inside a garage than car lifts with additional posts. It can be your only choice if you’ve had a small garage or a tighter budget.

Feature 4: Ease of Installation

Installing a car lift should absolutely not become a DIY effort unless you are quite knowledgeable in the process. This is crucial since safety is of the utmost concern while using a car lift.

Additionally challenging to install because of their weight are car lifts. A typical 2 post car lift may be around 1,800 to 2,500 pounds in weight.

A reliable car lift installation will be able to examine the garage floor. And then, ensure the concrete is sturdy enough to sustain the heavyweight it must hold. In general, a concrete slab that is four to five inches deep is advised.

Installers must consider the state of the floor before installing the anchors for 2 post-car lifts. This will also require attention to the placements of floor fissures and seams.

For electrical work required for the installation, you must also be knowledgeable in your field. A 110V motor is commonly used in car lifts. And, it is compatible with the electrical systems found in most garages.

However, some car lifts run on a 220V motor. 

You’ll probably need to get an expert to improve your garage’s electrical system. It’s crucial for maintaining the voltage difference for these lift models. Thus, installing a car lift with 2 posts can be done.

Feature 5: Extra Functionalities 

For some, having more room for storing cars may be less important than having a car lift. People can do the maintenance of their cars and that attracts a lot of people.

25% of the households questioned for the Wall Street Journal survey did their own car maintenance in the garage.

It allows greater access to the tires and more parts of the vehicle’s bottom when it’s raised. For this, many car enthusiasts argue that the 2-post lift is superior to car lifts with more posts.

The 2 post lift seems to provide you with additional alternatives for storage in terms of variety. Bulky objects like a motorbike or riding lawn mower might be kept on a vehicle lift. This will require the appropriate car lift attachment though.


How much weight can 2-post lift support?

The weight capabilities of two-post lifts range between 6,000 to 30,000 lbs. This does not imply that the vehicle’s weight is always distributed equally. Whenever the lift is elevated, the majority of the load may occasionally be in the front or back of the car.

What is the weight capacity of a 2-post lift?

Two-post lifts may support loads weighing anywhere from 6,000 – 30,000 lbs. This does not necessarily imply an even distribution of the vehicle’s weight. The bulk of the weight may sometimes go to the front and rear of the car once the lift is raised.

Why is a two-post lift preferable to a four-post lift?

The wheel assemblies may be easily accessed by the operator of the two-post lift, as opposed to the four-post lift. The 4 post lift needs an additional, fee-based auxiliary lift. In order to facilitate wheel service, it will lift the automobile off the runways.

End Note

That’s all that we have for you today. Hopefully, now you know what to consider for storing the car on 2 post lift.

We will come back with interesting articles very soon. 

Till then, Happy Lifting!

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