Hobart 140 vs Titanium 140

Hobart 140 vs Titanium 140: Which One to Choose?

Choosing the perfect welder for your work can be a difficult choice. But if you can get to know all the specifications then it becomes easier for you. 

So, which one is better when it comes to Hobart 140 vs Titanium 140?

The input voltage of Hobart 140 is 110V/115V/120V and Titanium 140 has 120V. Hobart 140 has 25A – 140A amperage and Titanium 140 has 30A – 140A. Wire feed speed of Hobart is 40 – 700 IPM and Titanium 140 has 80 – 275 IPM. The weight of Hobart is 57 lbs. and Titanium is 24 lbs. Titanium costs less.

To know more about both of them let’s get into the article. 

Quick Comparison of Hobart 140 and Titanium 140

We all know about Hobart and Titanium, two reputable brands when it comes to welders. They are good competitors like Ryobi p290 and p237.

Both of their 140 amp versions are comparable and a decent choice for the majority of welders. Surprisingly, their features and capabilities are comparable. 

However, one or the other can be a better fit. It depends on the type of job you want to conduct.


Specification Hobart Handler 140 Titanium MIG 140
Welder Type MIG, Flux Core MIG, Flux-Core
Input Voltage 110V/115V/120V 120V
Duty Cycle 20% @ 90A(18.5V) 30% at 90A
Amperage 25A – 140A 30A – 140A
Wire Feed Speed 40 – 700 IPM 80 – 275 IPM
Weldable Materials Mild steel, stainless, aluminum Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Mild Steel Thickness (Single-pass) 24 ga. – 0.25 in. Up to 5/16 in.
Wire Thickness 0.024 – 0.035 in. 5/16 in.
Spool Gun Ready No Yes
Welder Dimensions (H x W x L) 12.375 in. x 10.625 in.  x 19.5 in. 15-5/8in. x 8-3/8in. x 19-7/8in.
Weight 57 lbs. 24 lbs.
Warranty 5/3/1 years 90-days
Price Around $600 Around $450


 So, hope you had a really quick look into all the aspects of both these welders. Now let’s get to know the details view of all the aspects. 

By the way, before starting working in your garage you should know the difference between DeWalt 708 and 780.

In-Depth Comparison of Hobart 140 and Titanium 140

You might be curious about the variances that do exist given the comparable features and specifications. That makes sense given that these variations will aid in your decision. It is all about which unit is best for you. 

Below, we have outlined the distinctions to make that simple.

Wire Feed Speed

Every welder has a wire feed speed (“WFS”) control that provides “unlimited” control over the machine’s WFS range. This makes it possible to make the necessary adjustments to acquire the ideal arc. 

When the parameters are adjusted properly, both welders do create nice arcs with minimal variation.

However, the WFS range does vary amongst different devices. With a range of 40 to 700 inches per minute (ipm), the Hobart 140 is more expansive. The Titanium 140 provides 80 to 275 ipm as a point of reference.

Winner: For giving better wire feed speed Hobart 140 is the winner here.

Wire Drive Mechanism

Both the Titanium and Hobart welders have solid cast aluminum wire drives. And on each one, you can easily swap out the drive roller for a different size wire.

Furthermore, both include tension controls with distinct indications to help adjust the wire tautness appropriately.

The roll used by the Titanium 140 has three grooves. The drive roll must be removed and turned over without using any tools. 

In order to switch from the .025″ /.030″ V-Groove Roller or .030″ /.035″ V-Groove Roller. There is also a .030″ /.035″ V-Knurled Roller. 

The Hobart 140 does, however, include a triple groove roller. The roller is easily pushed in, turned to the desired wire size, and released. 

Both the roller and tools cannot be removed. In comparison to the Titanium welder, it is simpler to switch over.

Winner: Both have triple groove rollers but Hobart is the winner for being easy to use. 

Overload Protection Circuits

In case you exceed the duty cycle restrictions and the welder overheats Hobart has the advantage. The Hobart 140’s control panel contains an overload LED indicator. 

Such a warning mechanism does not exist on the Titanium welder. Although this is not a significant difference, it should be remembered.

This LED indicates whether the welder has cooled down. However, you must attempt to weld and check to see if the welder creates an arc. If there is no warning LED.

Winner: For being safer to use Hobart is the winner here. 


The Hobart 140 comes to around $600. But the Titanium 140 comes to around $450. So there is a $150 gap between these two welders.

Though the Titanium 140 is cheaper it provides a good performance. But it can’t be compared with the Hobart 140. Because Hobart is way more effective than titanium. 

Winner: For being affordable Titanium 140 is the winner here. 

Which One You Should Get?

It is really simple to choose between these two welders. Because they are really different in all these aspects. 

If you want to get an easily portable welder. Which has a minimal price then you should go for Titanium 140.

But if you want to get a heavy-duty welder. Which has better wire feed speed and wire drive mechanism then choose Hobart 140.   

Hope you have chosen your favorite one. But before starting welding don’t forget to have proper safety.

Okay now let me suggest you some good quality safety glasses for you. 

These glasses will save your eyes while welding with any kind of metal.


Are Hobart Welders as good as Miller welders?

Yes, even Hobart can be better in some cases. While performing most of the same functions, the Miller 211 is more expensive than the Hobart Handler 210MVP. Additionally, it has one of the finest warranties available for a MIG welder. So, Hobart is a better choice.

Who makes welders for Harbor Freight?

Another brand of welding equipment offered by Harbor Freight is Vulcan welders. And it appears that Canary Electricals PVT. LTD. produces the items under this name. Since 1980, their business has been selling top-notch welding equipment. 

Can the titanium MIG 140 weld aluminum?

Yes,  titanium MIG 140 can weld aluminum. The robust all-metal drive system may be set up without the need for tools. And it feeds solid and fluxes core wire with ease. Aluminum welding with the MIG 140 Professional Welder is spool-gun ready (spool gun sold separately).


Hope you have got all the differences between hobart 140 vs titanium 140. Both are popular and good welders in their own ways. You just need to choose as per your preference. 

If you need to know more about them you can ask in the comment section. I’ll try to get back soon.

Till then stay happy.

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