Maglite Charger Not Working?- 6 Reasons & Solutions!


Maglite flashlights are very famous. From a normal person to a police officer, everyone finds it useful and worthy of use.

A specialty of a Maglite flashlight is its charger. But sometimes people find that the charger is not working and they don’t even know the reason.

Do you know the reasons for the Maglite charger not working?

Well, there can be many reasons behind this. Like, such as malfunctioned wall socket, uncleaned contact ring, problems in connection plug, uncleaned battery contacts, problems in the contacts of light, problems in the light, problems in the battery, etc.

That’s not all! There are many things yet to know. To know all the things in detail, let’s get into the article.

Reasons Why Maglite Charger Not Working

If you go through them one by one problem, then you may get the proper solution to your problems. So, let’s begin!

Reason 1: Malfunctioned Wall Socket 

When you have plugged in your charger, have you checked your power supply or wall socket? Because if there was any problem with them, then the Maglite charger will not charge as well.

First, you should check the power supply of the room. If other devices are working well, then the power supply is okay.

Then you should check the wall socket where you are plugging in your charger connection plug.

It can happen sometimes that the fuse of the wall socket has been burned out or the wall socket has been damaged.

In this case, the charger will not charge as well.


If there are any kind of problems in the power supply or wall socket, then you may need to repair the power supply or change the wall socket.

For that, you should take help from an expert mechanic who can solve both kinds of problems and also check buried power lines for regular maintenance.

Reason 2: Uncleaned Contact Ring

Now you have checked that there is not any problem in the power supply or wall socket, it’s time to check the other one.

Sometimes the contact rings of the connection plug can get a lot of dirt. It can happen because of a lot of use or lack of maintenance.

If it gets uncleaned, then the charger will not get charged properly.


The solution to this problem is to clean that contact ring.

For this, you can use an electrical device cleaner and narrow cotton buds. It will help you to clean without any kind of damage.

Reason 3: Problems in Connection Plug

To charge the Maglite flashlight, another important thing is the connection plug of the Maglite battery charger.

If by any chance, there are any kind of problems in the connection plug of the charger, then the charger will not charge as well. It’s very important for the charger.


If you face any kind of problems in the connection plug of the charger, then the only solution to this problem is to replace the connection plug with the new one.

Reason 4: Uncleaned Battery Contacts 

Battery contacts are also important for the charger like any other parts of the charger.

If the contacts of the battery like spring, etc are uncleaned for any reason or damaged, then the battery will not be placed properly in the charger. 

And then the charger can’t provide the charger properly. And it seems that the Maglite charger is not working properly.


First of all, you should clean the contacts of the battery. Then you check if there is any damage in the contacts of the battery or not.

If there is any damage, then you will need to repair those parts.

Reason 5: Problems in The Battery

If all of the situations or problems are okay, then you should take those batteries out and check if the batteries are okay or not. This should be the last step of the investigation.

You can check the voltage of the battery through a multimeter. By this, you can easily know if the batteries are okay or not.

Well, some of the batteries of the Maglite flashlight are interchangeable like Hart and Ryobi.

Sometimes the battery can leak or explode too. It can damage the flashlight as well. 

That’s why you should check the voltage of the battery whenever you face this kind of problem.

Here we have suggested some pocket multimeters for you to buy.

Product 1 
Product 2 

Hope they will be helpful for you.


Can’t open Maglite battery? Can’t get batteries out of Maglite?  

Yes, sometimes because of the damage or leak of the battery, it gets hard to remove them.

If you find any difficulties in Maglite battery replacement, then you can take help from any of the service centers of Maglite.

That’s all. Now you know all the reasons for your problems very well and the solutions too. Follow the solutions according to our suggested steps.

To avoid any kind of problems with the battery of the flashlight, you should follow the Maglite charging instructions very well. This can avoid any unexpected situations.


Which Maglite flashlight will be the brightest one?

Almost all Maglite flashlights are good. Among them MAGLITE® ML150LR™ LED is the farthest reaching light and brightest one. It is available in a rechargeable system. In the format of mid-size, it can also throw 450 meters of beams. It is specially made for both civilian and responders users.

Are Maglites water resistant?

Yes, Maglites are generally water resistant. They’re designed to have this special feature. Though the manufacturer doesn’t give the warranty of being waterproof. Moreover, it has not been tested yet to prove them to be intrinsically safe. Workers from a volatile environment need this type of flashlight.

Are Maglites manufactured in their own company from the start?

No, the Maglites are not manufactured in their own company from the start. At first other companies used to make those flashlights. Then Maglica started working very hard adopting new projects and then took a challenge to build them in their own company. From then, they are made at their own factory.


There you have it. All you need to know about the reasons for the maglite charger not working. Now you also know how to fix those problems and stuff like that. 

Hope you enjoyed this article and you can share your queries in the comment section.

Have a nice day!

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