Husky Vs Gladiator Shelving

Husky Vs Gladiator Shelving- [Explained!!]

You’re ready with all your equipment but just can’t decide which shelving to go for. We know how much of a hassle it can be. 

So, you want to know about husky vs gladiator shelving?

The husky and gladiator vary in their size. Although they have similar measurements, the husky is a higher-sized shelf. For the mounting though, the gladiator provides a wall-mounting option. Then again, for almost the same storage space, the husky will be cheaper in your pocket. 

But knowing only this much won’t help. So, we’ve written a whole article to explain it in detail. 

Husky Vs Gladiator Shelving- Quick Comparison

When you are searching for the proper shelving, it gets really complicated. There’s so much to consider and it feels like an ocean of information. Fortunately for you, we have done the research. 

Here we have tried to sum up the whole idea under four categories. And, we have tried to pinpoint the factual information for a quick look. 

Husky Gladiator
Size 4 shelves, broader height 4 shelves, smaller height

1 shelf, smaller dimension

Mounting Type Floor mounting Floor and wall mounting
Price 100$-120$ 60$-70$


But, we get that just this brief information isn’t enough. For your different circumstances, the choice might vary. Thus, we have tried to elaborate on our explanation too. 

Before starting you need to know if you can build a garage on buried power lines.

Husky Vs Gladiator Shelving- Detailed Comparison

We know how important it is for you to consider each and every detail before purchasing. Thus, we have tried out best to elaborate on every factor. All to make your garage look perfect. 

While getting to it, it’s also suggested to set your garage ceiling. Like insulating your 2×8 ceiling.  


The first thing that comes to mind when purchasing a shelf is its size. A bigger shelf means you can put more of your stuff on it. And honestly, for a garage that is the first priority. 

So which one is bigger? If we are talking about the dimension, both are almost identical. Both of them are about 77’’ wide and have a 24’’ depth. But the only dissimilar factor here is the height. 

The husky is slightly higher than the gladiator. The husky has a 78’’ height. While the height for the gladiator shelf is 72’’. Although it’s not too much of a difference it might play a vital role in spacing.

In both cases, each shelf holds similar amounts of weight. So, you might think what is the difference here? 

Well, there is and that is you can place a slightly higher box on the husky. Sometimes, that slight gap is all you need. 

So, if you want better assurance of placing your equipment, choose the husky. 

Mounting Type

Another major factor to consider here is mounting. While the husky offers only floor-mounted shelves, the gladiator offers more. With the gladiator shelves, you can have both floor and wall-mounted shelves. 

Although the wall-mounted ones have only one shelf. But the wall-mounted shelf has its own advantages. It’s possible to place a gearbox or any other equipment of your need on it. 

But for the husky shelves, you won’t get this facility. 

So, if you want a wall-mounted shelf then go for the gladiator. On the other hand, if you need a floor-mounted shelf then anyone will suffice. 


While purchasing anything, budget is always a big factor. So, is husky cheaper than gladiator shelving? 

The short answer is yes. While you can get a gladiator shelf for 330$-360$, the husky will cost you lesser. For it, you have to spend about 100$-120$. 

So, why the extra price? Mainly because of the alloy. The husky has about four shelves in which you can keep your stuff. The gladiator shelf also has four. 

But in the gladiator shelving, the alloy used is metal. While the husky uses steel. 

Although you can keep a lot of equipment in both, it can’t be compared like that. The alloy used in both of the shelves is either metal or steel. But metal is more expensive. 

So, production-wise, of course, the gladiator will cost a bit more. 

Both of these, shelves maintain good quality. So, from the manufacturing end, it’s acceptable for the gladiator to be a bit more expensive.

Then again, you might have no problem with lesser storage space. In that case, you can purchase the one-shelf gladiator. It will only cost you about 60$-70$. 

So, if you want a shelf that will cost lesser in your pocket, choose the husky. But if you’re willing to spend some extra money for the alloy, buy the gladiator.  

What to Choose?

Hopefully, by now, you know which one to purchase. If you want a longer-sized shelf then you should go for the husky. It will also cost cheaper in your pocket. 

On the other hand, if you want a wall-mounted shelf then choose the gladiator. 


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Bottom Line!!

Now let’s hear your opinion. 

Were we able to solve all your queries about husky vs gladiator shelving?

Here’s an extra tip for you. Rather than randomly keeping your stuff, categorize them for an organized garage. 

Good luck!

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