About Us

Who Are We? 

Jenitar.com is a newly created blog that is about Garage tools and accessories. We create content on how to use the garage tools and make purposeful projects around the garage. 

The Story Behind Power Tool Institute

John Nash is a former tool and DIY project enthusiast. Cecil used to use power tools and air tools for his wooden projects which led him to a mandatory interest in power tools, air tools and hand tools. 

Later on, when he retired as a hobbyist handyman, he decided to convey his knowledge in informative content. And the website Jenitar.com is the brainchild of John where he shares the articles about DIY garage gears and gadgets. 

Who’s Behind the Curtain?

In Jenitar.com, a team of DIY enthusiasts took over different roles to create a plethora of informative content and product reviews. Here’s a list of team members followed by the responsibilities of each of them- 

  • Content Writers: 3
  • Product analysts: 1
  • Power Tool Specialist: 5
  • R&D(Research and Development): 2
  • WordPress Developer: 2
  • SEO Lead: 1
  • Data analyst: 2

This team’s effort as a whole helps us publish our valuable content.

Get In Touch

The team Jenitar.com is always open to hearing back from you about any guide, advice, tips, content suggestions, etc. Get in touch with us via the contact us page.

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