4 Post Lift 10 Foot Ceiling

4 Post Lift 10 Foot Ceiling: Possible Alternatives

There are many lifts available for your garage. But not all are suitable in accordance to the size of the garage. 

So 4 post lift 10 foot ceiling

A 4-post lift needs at least 11 feet of clearance to operate. So using a 4 post in a 10 feet ceiling is not safe or permitted. You can pick between many alternatives such as 2 post lift, scissor style hydraulic lift, and kwik lift. Consider some aspects before buying them though.

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Is It Possible for 4 Posts to Lift on a Ceiling of 10 Feet?

To install a standard 4 post hoist ceiling height must be higher than 11 feet. If it is lower than 11 feet, you will not be able to install the lift.

So we can say that the 4 post car lift height requirements are over 10 feet. 

Although it is possible to find a two- or four-post lift that is compatible with a lower ceiling. Nearly none of these lifts have received ANSI certification. This indicates that neither their skills nor their safety has been officially validated by any governing body.

But there are alternatives to 4 posts lifts for your 10 feet ceiling. 

3 Alternatives to 4 Post Lifts for 10 Feet Ceiling

Well, we established that using a 4-post lift in a 10 feet ceiling is not the best idea. But there are three primary categories to choose from when looking for low-rise lifts.

A “Low Clearance” 2-Post Lift

There is no such thing as a “low clearance” two-post lift, as a general rule. There is no such thing. In point of fact, the majority of low rise or low clearance two-post lifts share a few traits. 

Most of them require a ceiling height of at least 10 feet 6 inches to function properly. And at their maximum lift height, they require ceilings that are at least 12 or 14 feet high.

Most of the low-clearance lids are made with substandard parts. This keeps the price low enough to compete with the prices of other low-clearance lifts.

Most of them call for footings made of commercial-grade concrete. It has 3,000 PSI concrete that is 4-6 inches thick.

Storing cars in 2 post lifts is safe. But be mindful of the weight limit 

Scissor-Style Entry Level Hydraulic Lift

The scissor-style lifts are normally made out of a single raise platform that fits between the vehicle’s wheels. Alternatively, they can be a set of separate lifts on either side of the vehicle. 

In rare cases, the lifts can be merged together to form a single platform. They make use of a scissor or parallelogram-shaped lift mechanism to operate. 

And their hydraulic operating systems are relatively affordable. Hydraulics that are not pricey and maintain a price that is lower than $1500

A scarcity of replacement components in the event that the hydraulics break down. In most cases, you may get a new set of hoses. Although it’s not likely that you will be able to acquire a replacement lift motor.

When it comes to lifts that have two independent lift systems. Problems with “getting stuck” or uneven operation might cause problems. Such as one side of the lift raising or descending at a different speed than the other. 

It can result in vehicles falling off the lift. This raises concerns regarding the possibility of cars toppling over. While working, it might be either forward or backward.

The Kwik-Lift

The Kwik-Lift is in a league of its own because it is one of the few lifts available today. It can operate effectively in a garage with low clearance. And does not rely on inexpensive hydraulics to do so. 

Length and width are also modifiable, making them compatible with a vast number of vehicles. It can work on from UTVs to the most recent Lamborghinis.

Because it does not utilize hydraulics, the Kwik-Lift is virtually indestructible. There are no possibilities of leaks, failures of the motor, or issues. Simply maintaining the lift oiled and painted is all that is required for maintenance.

The Kwik-Lift provides a lift of between 24 and 28 inches. It is between the ground and the underbody of the car. Because it lifts a vehicle to the point where it hits the ground

Because it is simple to disassemble and move, the Kwik-Lift can be said to be truly portable. This is true even if the lift is only moved by one individual.

Because it is a ramp, the Kwik-Lift is a fantastic option for use with the majority of cars. Especially for cars that have low ground clearance.

Because it has a weight limit of 5,000 pounds, it is able to lift virtually any vehicle. Big SUVs and trucks are no problem. Only exceptions are very the largest ones. 

What to Look For In a Low Clearance Vehicle Lift

There are a few considerations that should be made prior to making a purchase for a low clearance vehicle lift for your personal garage at home.

How Much Additional Clearance Does the Lift Provide?

Because of the limited ground clearance, it is extremely crucial that you pay attention to this. This is due to the fact that lifts function against the frame of the vehicle. And not the tires. 

In the case of a scissor lift that can elevate a car 18 inches, There will be only 18 inches of gap between the floor and the under the vehicle. 

Furthermore, the lift may become “wobbly” at full extension. If that happens, you may not be confident about utilizing the entire height that is available to you. This is because of the potential for instability.

Is It Possible to Move the Lift? 

The majority of portable lifts weigh several hundred pounds. And in contrast to the Kwik-Lift, they are unable to be disassembled into their component parts. This turns it hard for just one person to transport them. 

It’s not really portable if every track day you need two persons to load and unload it. Even though your lift is supposed to be portable.

Is the Lift Reliable and Safe? 

Individuals have shared their experiences with entry-level hydraulic lifts that start to wobble when fully extended. With cars toppling forward or backward while work was being done. 

It is never a good sign when a vehicle that is elevated on a lift topples. There is damage to vehicles even if no one is wounded in the collision. Taking a chance when you don’t have to is a waste of time and energy.

Make sure the garage lighting is proper as well. That will increase visibility and safety. 


How tall should a ceiling be for a car lift?

It should be over 10 feet. You don’t need to worry about the size of your garage if you install a car lift. Because this will maximize the space that is available. It is ideal to have a clearance height of 11 to 12 feet for the automobile lift.

How thick does the concrete need to be for a car lift?

The majority of two-post and four-post car lifts require a concrete pad with a minimum thickness of 4 inches. This is the suggested width for a vehicle lift concrete slab. Depending on the application at hand or the particular auto hoist model, thicker material can be necessary.

How much room do you need for a hoist?

The width must be at least 4 meters in length. When you’re really pressed for time, you may get by with a lift that’s only 3.6 meters wide. It is important to keep in mind that you will also require room surrounding the lift in order to access the vehicle.


Now we know so much more about 4 post lift 10 foot ceiling. It is not safe to use a 4-post lift in a 10-foot ceiling. 

There are more options you can use for a 10-foot ceiling. Reading our article will help you find the best choice for you!

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