how to use noalox anti-oxidant compound

How to Use Noalox Anti-oxidant Compound- [Answered]


I know it is extremely frustrating without proper guidelines about Noalox anti-oxidant compounds. Using noalox anti-oxidant isn’t that tricky if you follow exact methods. All you need is proper attention to the details and you are good to go.

How to use noalox anti-oxidant compound?

Noalox anti-oxidant compound is made up of scattered zinc particles. First and foremost, use a wire brush or a cloth to clean the circuit. Apply the antioxidant paste generously to both the connector and the conductor. Reattach the joint and wipe up any excess joint compound.

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What is Noalox Anti-oxidant Compound?

Noalox is an anti-oxidant that helps to keep oxides from forming on the exterior of a conductor. No, it’s aluminum. 

We used to use real aluminum wire for conductors until the 1960s. Aluminum is an extremely reactive substance by nature, particularly when exposed to air or moisture. 

That was until the 1980’s when producers mastered a few alloys for wire, reducing the problem. 

While using Weatherhead sockets, Copper-to-aluminum and copper-to-copper connections both benefit from Noalox. Noalox is a corrosion-prevention and electrical-connection-improvement product. 


It conducts electricity, unlike dielectric grease and Vaseline. It noalox anti-oxidant compounds can be a great option to fix it.

Noalox Anti-oxidant Compound Qualities

Noalox is a specially developed substance that protects against corrosion. It also improves the electrical connection. 

It transmits electricity, unlike dielectric grease or Vaseline.

  • Anti-oxidant and anti-seizing chemical.
  • Decrease galling and seizing on aluminum tubing joints.
  • Embedded zinc particles penetrate and cleave aluminum oxide.
  • Carrier material restricts air to prevent additional oxidation.
  • The extended service life of aluminum high voltage applications.

It decreases the resistance by filling the tiny spaces between the connections. It costs about $6 in the numerous electrical sections, and one bottle may last a lifetime.

Is Noalox Comparable with Dielectric Grease?

Noalox is a solution that has been particularly designed to not only defend against corrosion. 

It also enhances the electrical connection itself. It conducts electricity, unlike dielectric grease or Vaseline. 

It covers the microscopic gaps between the connections and reduces resistance.

Galvanic Action

When two dissimilar metals come into contact over a lengthy period, galvanic activity occurs. It relates to the interaction of an ACTIVE metal with a REACTIVE metal. 

What happens is that these conductors begin to eat away at one another over time. The use of an anti-oxidizing chemical around the conductors. 

This helps prevent the conductors from rusting out when contact is made. 

That’s why many No-ox products specify aluminum to copper and aluminum to aluminum terminations.

Use Noalox Anti-oxidant Compound in Easy Ways

Aluminum reacts when it comes into touch with oxygen in the air. The oxidation that occurs increases the electric current’s resistance. 

This signifies an increase in temperature, which might result in a fire. According to numerous electricians, aluminum cables should be replaced with copper wires. 

However, if you’re using aluminum wire, you may make it safer by treating it with Noalox antioxidant chemical. You can use this compound while fixing Milwaukee Sawzall.

This application comes in a lubricant, which prevents the aluminum from being damaged by oxygen in the air.

Step 1

Using a wire stripper, remove the wire’s covering. Please don’t damage the wire.

Step 2

Using your fingertips, squirt some Noalox anti-oxidant oil. It protects oxygen from reaching the metal wire by coating it.

Step 3

Swirl the strands with your fingers to cover them generously with oil. Using 240-grit wet-or-dry gritty paper to wipe the wires helps work the oil into the wire.

Step 4

Any aluminum and copper wiring connections should be connected using a UL-approved wire nut connector. 

When copper and aluminum come into touch, copper accelerates the oxidation of aluminum. 

The Noalox antioxidant cream is prefilled in the wire nut connections. These are intended to prevent oxidation at aluminum and copper interconnections. 

If you face hydro shark boiler problems, this anti-oxidant is a safer option for fixation.

Usages of Noalox Anti-oxidant Paste

Conductor termination paste may be used to splice and terminate aluminum, copper-clad aluminum, and copper conductors. 

The paste is applied to the conductor/connector contact to prevent oxidation. 

These compounds do not affect the conductor metal, insulation, or equipment when used according to the manufacturer’s installation recommendations. 

Many meter enclosures arrive with paste already applied to the lug. It may be used again with copper or aluminum conductors. 

Just make sure you don’t forget about it. They make the paste particularly for different types of conductors.

According to the code, it must be the right kind for the relevant conductor material if you use it.

To put it another way, a type developed for aluminum conductors should not be used on copper lines. 

Specific instructions on using the compound appropriately may be found on the product label on the unit container.

Product 1
Product 2


I hope this has been of assistance in resolving your concern.

Code for Aluminum Wire Paste

Precautions for terminating and splicing aluminum conductors include removing insulation. Clean the bare conductor, compatibility testing, and fitting installation.

Aluminum conductors are softer than copper and should not be cut or nicked during termination. Nicks or cuts at terminations cause conductor breakage or hot spots.

Only stranded aluminum conductors must be joined by a joint compound. Even if not required by law, the bare ends of solid aluminum conductors should be coated with joint compounds. 

The chemical is conductive and should be used sparingly. Any surplus compound should be removed.


Question: What is the best Noalox anti-oxidant compound?

Answer: Noalox Anti-Oxidant is designed particularly to extend the life and efficiency of aluminum electrical contacts in commercial or industrial applications. To reach and reduce aluminum oxidation, the anti-oxidant component comprises embedded zinc particles.

Question: What color is Noalox Anti-oxidant Compound?

Answer: Gray in color. Gray is the primary color. 310°F is the flashpoint. Polybutene, Zinc Dust, and Silicon Dioxide make up the chemical composition.

Question: Is Noalox anti-oxidant toxic?

Answer: According to OSHA, the product is not harmful. Hazardous Substances Control Act (TSCA) — All ingredients in this product are recorded on the TSCA inventory, as mandated.

Bottom Line

That’s everything we had regarding how to use noalox anti-oxidant compound. We hope the issue is now completely clear to you. 

Follow all the mentioned methods religiously to avoid any kind of hassle. But if the problem doesn’t go away after troubleshooting, contact a professional.

Good luck using the noalox anti-oxidant compound!

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