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Everything About Liftmaster 3800 [Problems and Solutions]


Just installed Liftmaster 3800 and already started having issues? You’re not the only one! Many of its users have reported issues before. 

So what are liftmaster 3800 problems?

Most problems are usually caused by faulty installation. If properly installed, it’s a reliable garage door opener. The most common issues are jammed doors and movement issues. The doors stop after opening a few inches. Anyone can fix these issues easily with some basic guidelines.

I have explained how to fix these issues in simple words in my article. So that you can save time and money and fix them yourself easily.

Also, you’ll find a detailed discussion on this device. 

Without further ado, let’s jump to the interesting part!

Common Problems of LiftMaster 3800 and Solutions 

Everyone wants a gadget that will give the maximum degree of protection for their home. The LiftMaster 3800 is the gadget that keeps your bets safe and secure.

But just like garage light wiring, it also has some common problems that users face. I have them listed with their simple solutions.

Cocked Doors with Bent Rails

The rail is twisted and the door is cocked. Because the cable on the other side of the device broke loose from the drum, this occurred. You may attempt to repair them manually. 

The wire, however, may fall off the drum after multiple usages.


It may be fixed by gently lifting the edges of the tracks. At repose, the door should be at a modest downward angle. You can hide the tracks if you want. 

Keep in mind that the Liftmaster 3800 does not force the door down; instead, they just guide it as it descends. 

When installing, follow these instructions:

  •  Put the spring in place with no strain.
  • Hand-tighten the left-side pulley, then tighten the set screw on the pulley.
  • Compress the spring by one turn to keep the cable taut.
  • Tighten the shaft set screw and tighten the right-side shaft by hand.

Tight up the spring with the appropriate number of turns, as indicated in the handbook.

It might have occurred as a result of cable slack. Make no attempt to outsmart Liftmaster. 

Don’t  Skip the cable tension sensor. It might lead to the same cable-off-the-spool issue.

The cables will loosen if the door won’t lower on its own while the opener rotates the cable drums. The tension sensor is used for this purpose. 

The Liftmaster is vulnerable to these factors, but once configured, it is dependable.

The Door Opens Slightly Before Coming to a Halt

When you hit the door opener button, the door opens for approximately 2 inches before stopping. You push the doorbell again, and it shuts before fully opening. This is a regular issue with the List Master 3800.


The ‘up force’ may be adjusted to fix the problem. It’s around the place all those white cables go on the back of the machine.

Reach up there and adjust it carefully. Adjusting the up force should do the trick. Also, you should make sure the rails are leveled.

Jammed Door

On the way down, the door is jammed. When you attempt to pull the door down manually, it jams right away.


Disconnect the rollers from the doors. Once you’ve finished your floor, lubricate or replace them.

As previously stated, the door must be able to roll from fully open to fully closed while supporting its weight. There is no binding of any kind.

Make sure the track’s horizontal section is as square as possible. Last but not least, for a 3800 to operate, you must have a properly functioning door.

Why Should You Choose Liftmaster 3800

You will undoubtedly be interested in learning more about the benefits of using this device. Here are some of the many benefits of using the LiftMaster 3800:

  • This device is perfect for garage doors that are fourteen feet in height.
  • This method uses a twenty-four-volt DC motor that shuts and releases without making any noise.
  •  This device is designed to support brand-new doors rather than standard doors.
  • Another fantastic feature of this product is that it is reasonably priced.
  •  It relieves you of setup troubles since it may be set up with utmost simplicity and also convenience.

Liftmaster 3800 isn’t enough for you?  Here are some other garage door openers I have shortlisted for you.

Product 1
Product 2

Since we have been talking about Liftmaster 3800, let’s have a look at the functions.


Apart from the benefits, this instrument offers several outstanding features. A few of those are as follows:

  • The efficiency of a 24V electric motor: 

This device contains a 24V motor that offers useful functions and can lift even the heaviest doors. This also ensures robustness and long-term durability.

  • Silent operation:

Another noteworthy benefit of the Liftmaster 3800 is that it contains cutting-edge technology that allows for noise-free operation. 

It does not annoy you with annoying noises when it opens or closes.

  • Excellent battery backup: 

One of this tool’s standout features is its excellent battery backup, which ensures excellent service in the event of an electrical power outage. 

This not only makes life easier but also ensures safety.

Before you decide to purchase this device, you should learn more about its downsides and benefits. 

Everyone wants to secure his or her home with a device that will provide the greatest level of security. 


Question: What is the procedure for resetting LiftMaster?

Answer: Press the button on the remote and the motor.  Keep pressing the buttons until the garage door opener’s light flashes. It indicates that the system has been reset.

Question: What causes garage door opener remotes to malfunction?

Answer: Dead batteries are a major cause of garage door opener remotes malfunctioning.

Question: What does blinking 5 times mean in Liftmaster?

Answer: If there are five flashes total, it indicates that the opener does not detect any RPMs (rotations per minute).


Now you know the liftmaster 3800 problems. After reading this I hope fixing your issue would be a piece of cake! If you still have problems, contact a professional. 

Till next time, best of luck!

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