what are weatherhead sockets used for

What Are Weatherhead Sockets Used For – Here’s What You Need To Know


Have you recently started to work with hydraulic joints and fittings? You see mentions of weatherhead sockets but have no idea what that is. Don’t worry, We’re here to help you out.

What are weatherhead sockets used for?

Weatherhead sockets are versatile sockets that help in the installation and removal of hydraulic hose and fittings. It is also used for 90-degree elbow joints. It is specially used for weatherhead fittings. Also, it comes in a set of various sizes.

Now you have a basic idea about weatherhead sockets. If you want to know more, we have prepared a detailed article for you. 

Let’s jump right in!

The Uses Of Wetherhead Sockets

Wetherhead sockets are a very handy tool if you work in the field of automobile or industry that requires fitting jobs.  There are several other tool companies that make tools for automobile hydraulic and other works.

Many people choose to buy their tools from neiko or tekton. But weatherhead sockets are a wise choice too.

Let’s see the various uses of Wetherhead Sockets:

1.90 Degree Elbow Joint Application 

This is a type of joint that allows the contents of the pipe to change direction 90 degrees. This is also called 90 bends, 90 ells, or a quarter bend.

Wetherhead sockets are a very useful tool when installing a 90-degree elbow joint in any sort of fittings. 

2. Hydraulic Hoses And Fittings

Hydraulic systems are an integral part of our lives. We find them everywhere there is a system for power delivery. 

In industries, our transportation system, agriculture all are widely dependent on hydraulics.

Weatherhead sockets are capable of installing and removing hydraulic joints and fittings. 

You can see hydraulic systems everywhere in your car. Here are some of the functions that depend on hydraulics: 

a.Transmission System

The gear shifting or transmission system that we see in our car is controlled by the hydraulic system. They help to deliver power to shift gears.

Any problem in the hydraulics of the transmission system can cripple the power delivery. This Is where the weatherhead sockets come in. 

They are really useful in situations like this. 

b. Brakes And Steering System

The braking and steering system is controlled by the hydraulic system. Any problem that could cause serious accidents. Weatherhead sockets are used for the maintenance of these hydraulics.

The braking system needs to be checked for leaks or unwanted debris. Brake cleaners are available for cleaning. But you have to make sure it doesn’t touch tires or hydraulic joints. As break cleaners are harmful to rubbers.

Wetherhead sockets come in sets of several sizes. So for on-the-go maintenance, weatherhead sockets are a perfect choice.

c. Air Conditioning 

Modern cars control their air conditioning system with hydraulics too. This helps in conserving electricity and makes the car more efficient. 

But using hydraulics for power delivery in air conditioning means the maintenance also has to be done differently. 

Weatherhead sockets will provide support for any maintenance you need when it is hydraulics-related.

3. Wetherhead fittings Installation 

Wetherhead is a fittings company that specializes in various industrial fittings. 

They offer hydraulic hoses, fittings, assembly equipment, coupling accessories, and many more. Wetherhead sockets are specially made for weatherhead fittings.

As weatherhead fittings provide such a huge range of services, having a weatherhead socket will surely come in handy for those who work in one of these industries.  

Why Are Wetherhead Sockets Important?

Wetherhead sockets are widely used for the removal and installation of hydraulic fittings and hoses.

Hydraulic fittings and hoses are mainly used in automobiles. More precisely in the braking system and steering system of the cars that we see.

Any malfunction in these systems requires an immediate fix. Because if left untreated this could cause serious accidents.

Having weatherhead sockets at hand helps in quick maintenance and fixes. This can make your life a lot untroubled. 

Weatherhead sockets aid in replacing and installing these hydraulic systems, Which are inevitable in our day-to-day life.

Also, weatherhead sockets are designed especially for weatherhead fittings. And weatherhead fitting provides a wide array of fitting solutions for hydraulics, agriculture, and industry. 

Wetherhead sockets also come in various sizes in sets. This helps you to work on any kind of fitting necessary. They are also very affordable. There are other tools such as hazet tools. But hazet tools are very expensive.

To ensure the best condition of our sockets we must keep them clean and rust-free. Here are some of our picks from a variety of socket cleaners: 


Hope this helps you in choosing a suitable cleaner so that you can keep your sockets shining all the time.

All that makes the weatherhead socket a very versatile and important tool to have at your disposal. 


Question: Can sockets get rusty? 

Answer:  Yes they can. Most sockets will have iron in them and they won’t be covered. So if you get water in them and don’t clean them they will eventually get rusty. 

Question: Is weatherhead a separate company?

Answer: It was an independent company but in 2002 it merged with Eton and now they provide a wide range of services about hydraulic fittings and accessories.

Question: Are 90-degree elbow joints threaded? 

Answer: Yes. 90-degree elbow joints are often threaded so that other pipes can be joined in both ends.


Now that you have finished reading you should know all about what are weatherhead sockets used for. They are a versatile and reliable choice if you have to work with automobile hydraulics or industrial fittings. 

Also if you are just a regular person with a car, keeping one close to hand may be a blessing in times of need.

We hope this article helped you with the necessary information and it made your life a bit easier.

We wish you all the best and have a nice day!

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