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CRC Freeze-Off Vs PB Blaster: Which Is the Better One?


With all the new additions on the market, it gets quite confusing to choose the right rust removal. It’s especially hard when the decision is between the OG PB Blaster and the new CRC Freeze-off. If you’re suffering from such a dilemma then you’re in the perfect place. 

So exactly which one should you pick when it comes to crc freeze-off vs pb blaster? 

The crc freeze-off features the latest technology of rust removal whereas pb blaster follows a more traditional approach. But freeze off is a bit costlier than blaster. Freeze-off removes the rust by freezing and causes no harm to the metal surface. On the other hand pb blaster just loosens the bolts. 

Intrigued by what you’re seeing? Well then, let’s dive into the depths of this matter as this is only the tip of the iceberg!

CRC Freeze-Off Vs PB Blaster: Brief Comparison

Even though both the freeze-off and blaster are used for the same purpose, there are some key differences. The summary of these differences have been compiled down below: 

Factors CRC Freeze-off PB Blaster
Composition Made up of  HFC152A Made up of petroleum
Effectiveness Effective against the deeper layers of rust Effective against only the surface level rust
Cost  Expensive Affordable
Availability Not easily available Easily available

CRC Freeze-Off Vs PB Blaster: Detailed Comparison

To make your decision easier you need to look into all the nitty-gritty differences between CRC Freeze-off and PB Blaster. The comparison might seem intimidating but it’s nowhere near as complicated as the differences between neiko and tekton

With that being said let’s start by comparing the composition. 


Both the freeze-off and PB blaster are two completely unique products. Thus, their composition differs a lot. 

Freeze-off is the newest product on the market. It hasn’t even been a decade since its introduction. On the other hand, pb blaster is the tried and trusted go-to product for rusty bolts. This product has been around for longer than most of the people you know. 

The main component of the crc freeze-off is the propellant HFC152A. This component after combining with air particles drops the temperature of what it touches. 

On the flip side pb blaster is a petroleum oil lubricant. It’s a petroleum-based copolymer with a distinctive foaming capillary action. 

As the freeze-off features the newest technology it has a slight edge when it comes to composition. 

Winner: CRC Freeze-off

How It Works

Even though both the products are used for rust removal, their mechanism differs exponentially. 

The freeze-off penetrant utilises the cold temperature to free the bolt. Whereas pb blaster works best in hot environments. 

You might be wondering how does the freeze-off spray get rid of rust? You see after spraying the freeze-off penetrant on the affected bolt, it drops the temperature exponentially. As a result, it freezes the rust. 

This freezing action causes the rust to crack. Thus, it dissolves rust, corrosion and gums. 

Now, pb blaster works as a penetrating oil lubricant. After spraying the rusted bolts with this, it’ll eventually loosen up. You can use a torch to speed up the process. 

With all that being said, make sure to shake the bottle of these well. Otherwise, you may run into similarly precarious problems like the problems of liftmaster 3800. 

As the freeze off spray is less messy and takes less time, it wins this round. 

Winner: CRC Freeze-off


Coming down to the cost, we can see an even bigger difference. 

An 11-ounce bottle of pb blaster costs around $6. Now, an 11.5-ounce bottle of freeze-off costs around $13 which is almost double the cost of pb blaster. 

As you can see the price of freeze-off is quite high. For almost the same amount, the pb blaster costs a fraction of the price of freeze-off. 

Here are some of the best deals I’ve found online:

Product 1
Product 2

Winner: Pb Blaster


The most important question of this comparison is how effective are these penetrants? 

Both the freeze-off and the pb blaster creates a lubricating film that prevents further corrosion.

The crc freezeoff cracks rust immediately by dropping the temperature. The best thing about freezeoff is its penetrating properties. It penetrates deeper into the rust layers and cleans it from inside out.

Whereas the pb blaster only acts to loosen the bolt. It barely gets rid of the rust that is already present on the bolt. But when it comes to loosening frozen bolts, it does a pretty good job. 

One more thing that makes freeze-off far greater is its ability to not damage the rusted bolts. When freeze-off is applied just the rust from the metal surface goes away leaving behind a fresh metal surface. 

However, just like how brake cleaner is not safe on rubbers, so is freeze-off. Make sure to avoid rubber and plastic surfaces while using freeze-off. 

Winner: CRC Freeze-off


You obviously want something that you can easily get when you’re in trouble. Well, that would be difficult if you need the crc freeze-off in a pinch. 

As the crc freeze-off is a relatively new product, it is not easily available everywhere. Sometimes your luck may favour you and you find it in your local hardware store. But most of the time it’s quite difficult to source this product. 

On the other hand, you can find pb blaster everywhere. It’s the most used penetrant and has been in the market for an eternity now. 

Winner: Pb Blaster


Imagine being able to fix everything with any of these products. That would be the dream right? 

But both of these penetrants cannot be used everywhere as their effectiveness goes down. 

Freezeoff is mainly used in rusted suspension, steering and axle parts. Its also effective in  rusted and corroded nuts, bolts, fittings, hinges, locks and frozen components.

PB Blaster may be used everywhere there is a problem with objects sticking together. But it is most commonly used in the automobile sector.

You may also see PB Blaster used in the marine industry where things can be subject to rust and corrosion more easily. It’s because seawater speeds up rust corrosion

Winner: PB Blaster


Both the products are highly effective against rusted metal surfaces. However, when it comes to effectivity, the clear winner here is freeze-off. The newest technology of freezing the rust away is quite effective. 

Pb blaster is also quite an amazing product. If you want something on the more affordable side and you don’t mind it getting messy then opt for pb blaster. Its versatile nature will get the job done anywhere. 


Does CRC Freeze-off actually work? 

Yes, the crc freezeoff works quite effectively against rust. As it’s a relatively new product, it doesn’t get that much attention. 

What is PB Blaster used for? 

PB Blaster is a penetrant lubricant that works to break free rusted or frozen bolts and hinges. 

What is PB Blaster made of?

PB Blaster is mainly a concoction of various types of petroleum and carbon dioxide. This creates that distinct lubricant oil. 

Bottom Line

With that we’ve reached the end of the article. I hope you are now clear regarding crc freeze-off vs pb blaster. 

Make sure to never ingest any of these penetrants. If you do, then visit the hospital as soon as possible. 

Until next time stay healthy. See you soon!

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