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Neiko vs Tekton [ Comparison and Specifications]


You’re looking for some new tools to add to your repertoire? Not sure which is the perfect option! Both Neiko vs Tekton is excellent instrument companies. But which is the superior option?

We have the answer to all of your questions!

So Neiko vs Tekton, which is better?

The Neiko and the Tekton companies are known for manufacturing garage tools. Both companies provide high-grade garage tools but have differing price points. Each provides different sets of tools as well. But if you look at the price range and product, Neiko is the better choice.

And throughout this entire article, we will show you the features of them both. And explain why one is better than the other.

Tekton Set

A prominent point about tekton set to note here is that these sockets come in two varieties. Half of them are shallow while half of them are deep. But these are known for fitting perfectly onto the drill chuck thus causing no problems.

You should also invest in a proper drill for more accurate work. The use of a good drill will ensure the best performance of the sockets. We have suggested some.

Product 1
Product 2

Neiko Set

The Neiko set is a new socket set in the market. But it is quickly receiving praise and getting popular. This is because of the low price and the complete set of sockets that this set provides. 

As it is a relatively new product, people don’t trust it fully yet. But there haven’t been any major issues thus far. The durability of the Neiko product is still in question. 

And the neiko products if used with good grade tools give a phenomenal performance. It has proved time and again that the fitting of the sockets is great. And because of this, the drill chuck remains well. 

So, there is no reason not to trust a Neiko product. As it also keeps the drill working well. Even though it is new in the market.

Quick Comparison

So if we go over the differences between the two companies, it is clear that they are quite similar. They manufacture the same type of tools. They also are competitors in the same market.

To focus on their differences we will look at a line of products that both companies sell. So, for our discussion, we will look at their Impact Socket Set. And judge which is the better buy.

Differences Neiko Tekton
Amount of tools in the set They provide a complete set of tools with every size Their set has some of the socket sizes missing
Price They are officially priced at $155 They are officially priced at $263

There are speculations of the durability differences between the two products. But rumors such as these aren’t proven facts. So we will ignore them for this article. 

But besides that, these are the main differences between the two different sets.

Detailed Comparison

In the detailed comparison, we will go over the main differences in detail. The companies sell the same kind of tools. So, the differences will mainly be based on what is missing in the other set. 

Amount Of Tools In The Set,

The Tekton Set lacks all of the sizes of sockets in their product. Whereas the Neiko set provides all of the necessary sockets with their set. A neiko set has a total of 62 pieces. 

And along with these socket pieces they also provide wrenches. The set that Neiko provides contains a full range of shallow and deep sockets. It misses no sockets and also comes with additional wrenches. 

Using the sockets with a properly powered drill is the perfect combination for a job well done. Just make sure your drill battery is charging properly.

The Tekton set is the more popular of the two brand sets. It costs a bit more than the other and is more durable. This set comes with 57 pieces. But some of the sizes are missing from this set. 

So, if you want to buy a set with all of the sizes, you’ll have to buy separate sets. A shallow set and a deep-set. But this will cost a total of $310

The Shallow set will cost $126 and the deep-set will cost $184.


The Tekton set is priced higher than the Neiko Set. Because Tekton prides itself on having the best product in the market. The Neiko full set is officially priced at $155,

So this is at least $100 cheaper than the Tekton and also provides a more complete set of tools. But it is yet to earn the trust of their customer.

As people believe in their claims they have maintained a higher price than competitors. But if compared to companies like Hazets, the prices are still modest.

Final Decision

The major fact to focus on this difference is brand bias. Tekton is an established brand and has the loyalty of a major percentage of the customer base. And that’s why it is difficult to compete with them. 

But Tekton is using this loyalty to retain high prices. Even though Neiko is a cheaper alternative it also provides a more complete set. So, choose your preferred one.

A person valuing brand image should go for the Tekton company. But a person valuing the better product for the lower price should go for the Neiko company. But in my opinion, Neiko is a better choice.


Question: Who makes the neiko?

Answer: Zhejiang Kangle Group manufactures Neiko USA in China.

Question: Is Tekton a professional-grade product?

Answer: Tekton tools are designed to be high-quality, long-lasting, and cost-effective. And they comfortably satisfy all of the objectives. Customers praise their products, which range from drive torque wrenches to impact socket sets.

Question: Is there a lifetime warranty from Neiko?

Answer: There is a one-year warranty for Neiko Pro tools.


Surely now you know the differences between Neiko vs Tekton. So, you can decide on what you want and purchase accordingly. We wish our intention of helping you with this article was met. And your confusion is so more. So, until, the next problem arises, Farewell!

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