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Milwaukee Drill Chuck Problems- What Could Go Wrong!


Are you having milwaukee Drill Chuck Problems? It’s a very common scenario with the users. And most of the problems you can solve on your own without any professional help.

Want to find out what are milwaukee drill chuck problems?

First things first, check if the chuck is in the proper place and tightened. If the chuck is loose around the bit, it will face problems. It should be tightly adjusted in its appropriate place. If these things are alright with the chuck, then you might have to replace the chuck entirely.

Do you like the overview? Great! 

Now, that was only the bare bones of the procedure. We’ll now go deeper into this problem. Continue reading if you can spare some time. This will help you out to fix the problem.

Milwaukee Drill Chuck Problems

There can be several reasons behind the Milwaukee drill chuck problems. The first thing is how will you find out that your chuck has a problem? Let’s see-

Determine The Chuck Issues

Whenever the drill is turned on, the bit comes loose from the chuck. This situation indicates that your Milwaukee drill chuck has a problem. 

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The Keyless Chuck Should be Tighten

You must tighten the keyless chuck to secure the chuck around the bit. If you’re gazing at the drill from the front side, you can do this by rotating the black region behind the chuck clockwise with your hand. The chuck should be as tight as one can comfortably adjust it with your hand to keep the power drill in the right place.

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Replacing The Chuck

To remove the keyless chuck, you must first remove the chuck far enough back as it can go. Then, from within the chuck head, remove the screw. 

After that, you’ll need to set your drill to the lowest setting and highest clutch. After that, place an Allen wrench through the chuck and tighten it around the Allen wrench. Twist off the chuck by moving the Allen wrench counterclockwise with force. 

To reinstall the chuck, repeat these procedures in reverse order, tightening the chuck and replacing the screw that was previously removed. For a more complete explanation, see this guide on changing the chuck.

Milwaukee Drill Chuck Troubleshooting

You need to change the gearbox on the Milwaukee electric power drill the drill slides and loses torque when turning anything, follow this method explained below. The gearbox is responsible for controlling the drill’s speed and torque. 

The process is quite similar to the process of Milwaukee Sawzall troubleshooting. Keep in mind that some of the pieces may take some strength to remove. Let’s get started-

Step 1: Rotating The Chuck

To free the chuck from the base, rotate it clockwise as much as feasible.

Step 2: Unscrew The Internal Screws

Using a screwdriver, unscrew the 28 mm internal screw that holds the chuck to the drill.

To loosen the screw, turn it clockwise.

Because the internal chuck screw is reversed threaded, it must be turned clockwise. Place an Allen wrench through the chuck and tighten it around the wrench.

Step 3: Removing The Chuck

When removing the chuck, the Allen wrench would be utilized for leverage. Also, loosen the 7  screws from the case’s grip region with the screwdriver.

Step 4: Loosen Frontside Screws

Separate 21 mm screws from the head of the casing with the T3 Torx screwdriver.

Loosen the 4 20 mm screws off the front of the shell with the T3 Torx screwdriver.

Step 5: Remove Gearbox and Reinstall

Remove the sticker off the bottom of the drilling handle. To open the case, use the opening tool to pry it away all the way around. To remove the gearbox from the case, lift it gently and detach it from the motor.

Then you can simply reinstall the drill chuck. It will help you to solve the problem completely. And if you follow the instructions properly, you will get done with the issue completely. 


Question: What is the procedure for replacing the Chuck on a Milwaukee cordless drill?

Answer: Firstly,  Open the chuck to its widest setting. To unscrew the holding screw, use a Phillips screwdriver. The screw is threaded backward. Take the screw out of the chuck assembly.

Question: Why is the cordless drill chuck always breaking?

Answer: A chuck that no longer starts or shuts smoothly is a common issue. Alternatively, one of the jaws may break as well as the chuck will not hold a drill bit. Luckily, substituting the chuck on the cordless drill is a simple task that this article will demonstrate.

Question: Is the drill chuck now usable?

Answer: The drill continues to function normally; it is only the chuck that has failed. I used to have a friend who is in squad yellow inform me a colleague at work also had the same issue a few weeks back on his worksite with Milwaukee. 


Having stated that we must part ways here. I hope these methods assist you in resolving your issue of Milwaukee drill chuck problems. Try out these methods until your next visit and let us know how they worked for you.

Good luck with fixing the issue!

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