Are Hart and Ryobi Batteries Interchangeable? Answers Outlined!

The power tools are there to give you comfortable experiences. You may feel comfortable with certain brands.

However, when it comes to mixing the batteries, you may not be able to do it. 

So, the question is are hart and Ryobi batteries interchangeable?

There are 3 main reasons why interchanges are not possible. The first issue is the physical incompatibility followed by variations in voltage counts. The difference in electrical capacities is also a major point. As a power tool user, you must be careful with the tool, mainly to save costs. 

We have gathered some useful insights for you to look at. All you have to do is invest some time and energy into building the right electrical setup.

Your garage would look the best when you have the right products. The best output is guaranteed here. 

Reasons Behind Batteries Not Interchangeable 

You are probably using both Hart and Ryobi tools in your garage? To save cost, you may want to fit Hart batteries to Ryobi’s. It can be the other way round as well.

Check the Ryobi battery compatibility chart to have a better understanding. A variety of different voltage scenarios come into play. 

You will just realize they are not interchangeable.

We have outlined 3 main reasons why mixing batteries is not a good idea. 

Reason 1: Physical Incompatibility

The Ryobi brand tools are manufactured keeping the batteries and other parts in mind. This means the batteries are designed to fit Ryobi tools only. The same goes for the Hart brand. 

When you ask are Hart and Ryobi batteries interchangeable, the physical issues come into play. You would see that the Hart batteries won’t fit in the Ryobi tool’s battery slot.

The Hart batteries are smaller in size than the Ryobi batteries. As a result, you won’t be able to interchange them. 

At a certain time, batteries die down. When the Ryobi miter clamp stops working, you need to get new batteries. It is recommended not to get the Hart batteries.

In comparison with the two brands, Hart receives a better review. This is because of its durability. As the power tools work for a long time, it is because of the batteries. 

Reason 2: Voltage Counts Don’t Match

It is usually an end-of-discussion scenario when the physical make doesn’t allow battery mix. However, we will go ahead with a little Hart and Ryobi battery comparison. This is going to allow us more info into the reasons behind not matching. 


Product Voltage Battery Ah
Hart 40v 5.0 Ah
Ryobi 40v 4.0 Ah


You may be asking are Ryobi 18v and 40v batteries interchangeable? It is not possible when it comes to the Hart batteries comparison. As the chart indicates the amperage ratings from the voltage vary. 

An 18v battery would have a 2.0 Ah battery for Ryobi. Whereas, for the Hart battery, the 18v would have a 2.5 Ah battery. 

The difference in amperage ratings wouldn’t allow the interchanges to happen. 

Within the Ryobi brands, different tools need different Ryobi battery voltages to work. As mentioned before, because of a better amperage rating, the Hart batteries last longer. 

Reason 3: Different Electrical Capacity

Is hart made by Ryobi? The answer is a simple no. The hart tools are manufactured by Techtronic Industries. 

The simple question is why battery mixes are not possible with Ryobi and Hart?

It should be noted that different brands have different electrical capacities. The same goes for Ryobi and Hart. When an attempt is made to interchange the batteries few issues may arise. Due to different electrical makeup, the batteries may leak fluid or even explode.

Suppose you have been able to fit the Ryobi batteries into the Hart tools. 

The tools’ performance would go down as well. You would notice that the miter saws are not cutting wood properly.  The Hart 40v battery is not interchangeable with the Ryobi in this aspect. 

Keeping the Ryobi and Hart tools in mind, we have a product suggestion table for you. 


Product Features
Hart HPCK402BPTA 4-Tool Combo Kit Alongside 200 Piece Accessory Kit
Hart 215 Piece Mechanical Tool Comfortable usage with other Hart tools
Ryobi P884 Includes 18v battery to be usable in any machine
Ryobi 150-Watt Powered Inverter Generator Power generator to enhance tool performance

Acquiring the Right Tools

The product suggestion table features some useful tools for you to use. Depending on your budget, you should buy the right products for better performance. 

If you are a fan of Ryobi, get the right Ryobi battery adapter. Look for the best battery and adapter compatibility. Many Ryobi tools have gained better reviews than the Hart tools.

In the battery department, the Hart brand shows good promise. However, according to reviews, more people are Ryobi tool fans. In this case, for optimal battery, get the right battery kits. 

The durability of the two branded products depends on how you use them. The more mature and experienced you are, the better treatment the hardware would get. 


How do amperage ratings determine battery longevity?

To determine battery longevity, amperage ratings are usually used. For example, a 10 ampere-hour rating would suggest the battery lasts for 10 hours. 

Why the differences in amperage ratings won’t allow the interchanges to happen?

The differences in amperage ratings are a sign that they are manufactured differently. This means the battery slots provided by Ryobi won’t fit the Hart batteries. 

What are the conditions to mix batteries of different brands?

The first condition is physician, which means the batteries must fit in. The other conditions are the same electric setup. Moreover, the batteries must reflect the same voltage to amperage ratings. 


So, are hart and Ryobi batteries interchangeable? Since the simple answer is no, the various reasons outlined should help you. 

We hope you get the right products for your hardware.

Bye for now!

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