how to hide garage door tracks

How To Hide Garage Door Tracks [A Simple Guide]


You want to give your garage a new look but the garage door track is causing problems. Now you want to hide the tracks of your garage? If you are wondering how to do it, then you have come to the right place. 

How to hide garage door tracks?

You can easily hide your garage door tracks with a fabric ceiling. This can give your garage a more attractive and subtle look. You can add a ceiling for the track part only, which can be cost-effective. You can also add a ceiling for the whole garage to give a more subtle look.

Sounds great? Let’s get into the detailed article. We have explained both methods to easily solve this problem.

Why Hiding Garage Door Tracks

Almost everyone out there has a garage in their house. If there is not, almost everyone desires to have one. And for the garage doors, there is a railing. You can also call it garage tracks.

Garage tracks work as part of the opening-closing mechanism for the garage doors. Rails on the door are attached to a motor. It also works as a headrest for the garage doors. 

Garage tracks are normally attached to the interior of your garage. So it has an impact on how your garage’s interior looks. To make your garage more appealing, you might want to hide the garage tracks.

Hiding your garage door tracks can be a creative way to make your garage look out of the ordinary. Adding a fabric ceiling will do a better job in that case. 

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Methods To Hide Garage Door Tracks

The easiest way to hide your garage tracks is by hiding them with a fabric ceiling. This is also a cost-effective way to do so. But if you want to cover the whole ceiling that might cost a bit more. 

While giving your garage a new makeover, hiding the door tracks can be crucial. And yes, be creative while working on your garage.

There are two methods for hiding your garage tracks. Both are done by adding a fabric ceiling. But one will hide only the railing part and the other is adding a ceiling in the whole garage. 

If you create a fabric ceiling for the door tracks only, it will take some easy work. Also, it will be a cost-effective way to do so. You can give your garage a beautiful look.

If you follow the alternative method, then there’s a bit more work to do as you’ll cover the whole garage. This will also give your garage a more subtle and premium look.

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Method 1: Create A Fabric Ceiling For The Railing Part

In this method you will have to create a fabric ceiling that will only hide the railing part. This is gonna be an easy method to do. Follow these easy steps below to create a fabric ceiling across the railing part-

Step 1

The first thing should be removing any vehicle that is in the garage. You should clear the part underneath the rails. Because you’ll need that space to do some work. So if there is any vehicle or any other thing in that place, remove that thing from there.

Step 2

In this step you have to measure the rails or the door tracks. First, measure from one rail to another to set the width of the ceiling. Take 2 feet more. Then measure the length of the tracks. Also, take 2 feet extra for the ceiling.

Step 3

Now you’ll have to cut the fabric according to the measurements taken in the last step. Try to choose a thicker fabric as you are going to put those in your case. Velvet or canvas fabric should do a great job.

Here are some recommended fabrics for you to buy for the ceiling-

Product 1
Product 2 

Buy any of these and you are good to go.

Step 4

Now it’s time to attach the fabric to the ceiling. Pick a corner of the fabric and attach it with a staple gun above a door track corner. Now repeat the process for the other three corners. And now it’s done.

Step 5

To complete this process make sure you have stapled around the door tracks. If you have completed all sides then you are done.

Method 2: Create A Fabric Ceiling For The Whole Garage

In this method, you’ll almost cover the same steps just with some extended work. Instead of creating a fabric ceiling just above the tracks, you’ll cover the whole garage.

You have to take the measurement of the whole garage’s ceiling. Then take 3 feet more on height and width. And right after that Attach each corner of the ceiling with the fabric by following the steps of method 1.

That’s all there is to do to hide your garage door tracks.


Question: How can I hide my garage doors?

Answer: You can easily hide your garage doors by adding some vertical cedar boards in front of your garage doors. It will make the interior more attractive.

Question: Can I color my garage doors? 

Answer: Yes, you can color your garage like any other part of your house. But try to use a darker contrasty color. It will make it look subtle.

Question: Can I remove garage door tracks?

Answer: By removing the screws or the door tracks you can easily remove your door tracks. Just take proper precautions.


Now let’s wrap up. We have answered your question on how to hide garage door tracks.

In this article, we have mentioned two methods for your solution. One is cost-effective and easy to do. Another one takes a bit of money but looks more subtle. Apply whichever one you prefer and follow the steps that I mentioned. Hope you do it right by following this article.

Until next time, see you.

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