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Chicago Pneumatic Reviews: The Best?


When we hear the name Chicago Pneumatic, we always think about powerful and durable tools. And, why shouldn’t we? This company has been serving like this for quite some time. 

Be it one of the strongest tool or the lightest, these tools have served quite well. But, the problem arises when it’s time to choose one for your garage. 

Now, let me be really clear about a certain thing. These tools have their own different purpose. So, all of them are quite different from one-another. 

Still, we went ahead and published this chicago pneumatic reviews guide. Here, we talk about the common and best five options. From them, you can easily choose the one for you. 

Let’s go-

Comparison Table

Product Name Material Finish Type/Colour
Chicago Pneumatic CP875 Pneumatic Right Angle Grinder Aluminum Alloy Clear
Chicago Pneumatic CP7748 Air Impact Wrench Metal Clear
Chicago Pneumatic CP717 Air Hammer Metal Silver
Chicago Pneumatic CP9116 Tool Alloy Steel Red
Chicago Pneumatic – CP7782 CP778 Impact Wrench Metal Clear

1. Chicago Pneumatic CP875 Pneumatic Right Angle Grinder

Product Overview

We’re presenting the best Chicago Pneumatic tool in the list- “The Right Angle Grinder CP875”. This one is a big-boy, definitely. And, there are a lot of things to be talking about. 

First of which is the aluminum body. Here, the aluminum alloy material ensures that the entire tool is durable and lasts for a long time. The entire build quality is robust. 

Being a right-angle grinder, this tool can easily fit into tight places. And, once it’s in, it’ll easily start cutting through metal. 

As it’s made to fit into tight places, the entire tool is made of a compact design. Also, this means, you can easily move it as well. Due to the design, it doesn’t come with much weight attached to it. 

So, maneuverability is quite easier with this tool. And, you won’t lose much control while using it. For use with accuracy in tighter areas, the manufacturers have installed a 90-degree head in this tool. 

Also, the head allows you with extended flexibility in the tight corners. Hence, you can work with ease. 

Other than that, there are tons of safety features added in this tool. One of which is the lock-off throttles. Due to this feature, the tool won’t experience any accidental starts. Hence, it’s quite safe to work. You’ll even find an air regulator installed in the tool. 

To summarise, within the offered price, this tool brings a great deal. Due to this tool, you can easily use it without any hiccups in the tight corners.


  • Allow easy flexibility in tighter corners.
  • 90-degree heads provide easy accuracy.
  • Compact design makes it lightweight.
  • Fits in tight places.


  • Vibrates and makes noises.

2. Chicago Pneumatic CP7748 Air Impact Wrench

Product Overview

Presenting the runner’s up- the Air Impact Wrench from Chicago Pneumatic. There are 2 wrenches in this article. We decided to place this one high in the list. But, there should obviously be a reason. Let’s go-

Well, even though this product has the same clear finish as the number one product, the body is different. Yeah sure the previous one is a grinder. That’s why it had a completely different build. 

Here, this impact wrench is made of a metal body. It’s more durable and will last a while. It follows a head style of a fixed square. 

Now, let’s focus on the insides of this tool. It comes with a reverse and forward switch installed. So, you get the liberty of choosing the one needed. Also, the switch is located at the back. So, it’s easy to access. 

On the other hand, it has a max torque of 1300 Nm in the reverse. Hence, it’s quite the powerful tool. Also, there are 3 different positions in using this impact wrench. 

And, when you’re using this tool, you’ll have a way better control. This is because the dedicated secure grip easily ensures that the tool doesn’t slip out easily. Even when the operator has an oily hand, this tool will stick inside firmly. Hence, you won’t cause any accidents while working. 

Now, you know how hectic work gets! So, when you’re using an impact wrench for long, the hands do start to hurt a lot. And, it’s just an overall uncomfortable position to be in. 

But, that won’t be the case anymore. This is because the comfortable grip in this tool ensures that your hands don’t really hurt much. So, you can work for a long time. 

Speaking of that, it’s also lightweight. So, moving this one won’t be that much of a problem too. Here, the portability factor is high as well. 

This is good news for you, definitely. In the end, this impact wrench is quite powerful. Hence, we place it on the top part of the list. 


  • It’s really powerful. 
  • Finishes work faster.
  • Comfortable grip doesn’t fatigue the hands.
  • Ensures better control.
  • Can be used in the front and reverse.


  • Air leaks out sometimes.

3. Chicago Pneumatic CP717 Air Hammer

Product Overview

Next up, we have an air hammer from the company- “Chicago Pneumatic”. Here, the company claims that the CP717 is the most powerful one in its history. But, what’s the reason behind this- you may ask? 

Well, the impressive thing about this tool is that it’ll strike at 1800 blows per minute. This easily makes it the candidate for use as heavy-duty applications. 

Speaking of that, this is made of durable materials that last. And, the company has dedicated this tool for heavier applications. For this reason, you’ll see dedicated 0.498 shanks attached with this one. 

Now, let’s talk a bit about what’s there inside. Well, in the technical specs, there’s a bore diameter of ¾ inches. And, the length of the piston stroke is 2 11/16-inches. 

When you’re using this tool, there’s an action trigger installed in this bad-boy. What this will do is allow you to have precise control. 

As it’s completely air-powered, you won’t really have to worry about much. Compared to the other air hammers in the market, this one is superior as it’s designed for precise use and for lasting long. 

It doesn’t even require regular maintenance. But, always keep an eye on this one. That’s our advice. Also, you need to inspect this hammer every 3 months. 

And, take help from a professional. You can’t really treat the maintenance of this tool as a DFY project. 


  • Make work easier. 
  • Doesn’t get shattered easily.
  • Allows precise control always.
  • The trigger control is better.
  • Has optimum power.


  • The built quality doesn’t feel premium.

4. Chicago Pneumatic CP9116 Tool

Product Overview

Moving from the air hammer, we’d like to present another tool- “Chicago Pneumatic CP9116”. It’s quite different from the previous one. Well, obviously, it’s a different tool. But, the heavy alloy steel built makes this one more durable than other options. 

And, when you’re thinking of reaching tighter spaces and cutting bolts, this tool is perfect. Even when we compare it to the other cutting tools, this one tops them off. Let’s see what’s here to be proud off-

Well, firstly, this one fits in easily in a tighter space. For this reason, you can easily get this to work in restricted areas. By getting into these tighter spaces, the tool easily cuts the bolts, metal, and whatever you intend to cut. 

And, using this tool is even easier. There’s a composite grip installed in this tool. By using this grip, you can easily reduce the air transmission to the operators. The cold air transmission reduction means that you can manoeuvre the product easily as well. 

Added to that, there’s even a lock system installed in this tool. Due to this, it’s way easier to change the wheel. You can even change the throttle safety layer. But, why do you need it for?

Well, this is a safety feature which prevents you from accidentally starting up the tool. Quite handy, I must say! 

There’s a swivel guard added in this tool for further protection. But, what’s more interesting is that the guard can be adjusted in different positions. Using this adjustability, you can easily set up better visibility when you’re cutting through things. 

That’s good because it gives you a sense of confidence. But, you don’t get a precise control feature like the last one. Prolly because it’s a different tool. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Tons of safety features available.
  • Prevents accidental starts.
  • Dedicated lock system.
  • Easy maneuverability ensured.


  • The control sometimes isn’t that accurate.

5. Chicago Pneumatic – CP7782 CP778 Impact Wrench

Product Overview

We’re going to end the product with an Impact Wrench! This particular one is the “CP7782 CP778, Impact Wrench”. Let’s see why we’ve taken this one instead of the hundred other impact wrenches on the market-

First of all, there’s a dedicated impact mechanism on this tool. Moreover, the wrench will pack a punch since it comes with enough power. Due to this, you can easily use this one on the heavier vehicles. 

Inside the wrench, there’s a powerful motor too. Here, the most important thing is that the motor is economical. There’s even a clutch mechanism installed in this one. The entire thing is durable, nevertheless. 

Also, there’s a dedicated cover for protection. Added to this feature, there’s a teasing trigger. Lastly, there’s a regulator that’ll work with both reverse and forward. Here, the power settings get to work in both directions too. 

When you’re using this tool, it’s quite easier to use it, honestly! This is because there’s an ergonomic handle. If you’re using impact wrenches for a long time, the hands could hurt after a while.

But, that won’t be the case here as the side handles reduce the fatigue of the hands. This will allow you to work for an extended period. 


  • Really powerful tool. 
  • The high torque finishes the work faster.
  • Side handle is quite ergonomic.
  • Protection cover is provided.
  • The motor is economical.


  • Blowing air issues have been noticed.
  • Longevity problem.

Buying Guide

You’ve read through quite a few products, by now. The good thing about this one is that you can easily judge what’s the best one for you. But, since there are different types of products in this list, the journey won’t be that smooth. 

For this only reason, we decided to introduce an informative segment. Here, we educate you on the buying factors when buying tools from this company. Learning this will definitely help you out. Let’s go-

Are the Tools Durable or Not?

Chicago Pneumatic is known for delivering durable tools. When I say this, I mean that their tools are quite durable. Here, most of the tools are made of metal and aluminum. So, they’re durable, alright. 

Are the Tools Easy to Manoeuvre?

When you’re looking for tools to fit in tighter spaces or when you’re looking for handheld tools, it’s important to consider maneuverability. Well, if those tools are heavy enough, it would be quite hard to control and move them. 

The best thing about Chicago Pneumatic is that they design tools that are way easy to manoeuvre. Here, the tools are lightweight and made of a compact design. So, it isn’t quite hard to move at all. 

Are the Tools Powerful?

The best thing about the Chicago Pneumatic tools is that they’re powerful. All the tools we’ve reviewed had this one thing in common between them. And, that is that they were extremely powerful. Due to this power, the tools easily completed their designated works. So, thumbs up for that. 


Question: Is using Chicago Pneumatic tools worth it?

Answer: Yes, using the Chicago Pneumatic tools is definitely worth it. These tools are quite durable and maintain a great price-performance ratio. 

Question: Are the air tools of Chicago Pneumatic expensive?

Answer: Not really! There are more expensive tools in the market than the ones offered in Chicago Pneumatic. So, they aren’t the most expensive.

Question: Where are the compressors of the Chicago Pneumatic made in? 

Answer: The compressors of the Chicago Pneumatic are made in Italy. 


Goodbyes aren’t easy! But, we have to end this article here. It was quite the fun chatting with ya! Now, after reading through everything, you could select your favorite tool. 

Comment your thoughts in the section below about the chicago pneumatic reviews. In the end, your preferences matter. Good luck!

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