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Best Grease For Drill Gears: For Supreme Lubrication


When it comes to the gears in the drills, they’ll provide you with the option of adjusting the speed. But, for that, you’ll need to grease them out in order to reduce the friction. 

You see, the friction factor can create excess heat. This can easily wear out the gears of the drill. For this reason, you need excess lubrication. 

And, that’s why you need the best grease for drill gears by your side, all the time. Using this product, you can efficiently lubricate the drill gears. Hence, the friction won’t really be a problem at all. 

Also, it’ll even resist the heat and excess pressure of the drills. Hence, the gears won’t wear out soon enough. 

We’ve tested out 15 options from the market. It was a hectic job, altogether. Finally, after the testing and research, we now have the best 5 in our list. 

Using this list, you can get the best one. And, there is added information in the later part as well. 


Let’s begin the journey-

Comparison Table

Product Size/Volume Squeeze Tube
Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Red Grease 14.1 Fluid Ounces No
Lucas Oil 10533 Lithium Grease 8 Ounces Yes
DuPont Teflon Lithium Grease 10 Ounces Yes
Lucas Oil Red “N” Tacky Grease 16 Ounces No
STAR BRITE Lithium Grease 14 Ounces No

1. Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Red Grease

Product Overview

When it comes to the list of the best grease for the drill gears, the “Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Grease” is quite the one to get. And, why is that? Let’s see it ourselves-

Firstly, it’s formulated in such a way that the gears will get protection even at the highest of the temperature. You see, due to friction, the gears get hotter all the time. Hence, they need some protection, especially from the higher temperature. 

And, this grease does that exactly. So, not much worries here. High-temperature isn’t the only set of protection you’ll get when you use this drill. 

Here, the drill will work even with the most extreme pressure out there. So, it’s perfect for your drills. 

If you’re still wanting a label of the range of temperature that this grease can lubricate on then it’ll work with 0°F-375°F. So, that’s the optimum range you should be aiming for. 

And, when it comes to the compatibility issue, this grease will work fine for the drill gears. Added to that, you can work with “GM Part 1051344, Chrysler MS-3701” too.

Also, the size is decent enough. It’s not small, by any means. You’ll get the entire thing in 14.1 Fl Oz. We believe that’ll be enough. 


  • Handle the extreme pressure fine.
  • Perfect for the drill gears.
  • Protects even at a higher temperature.
  • Right size for optimum usage.


  • Packaging needs to be better so that leakage doesn’t happen.

2. Lucas Oil 10533 Lithium Grease

Product Overview

We’ve tested out a couple of products on the list. Now, comes the time of introducing the Lucas Oil 10533 Lithium Grease. The best thing about this grease is the longevity factor. 

Added to that, there’s more than enough features to meet your demands. Let’s begin-

When it comes to the gears of the drill, this one works at reducing the wear all the time. For this reason, the gears last better and don’t wear off much. 

Furthermore, it even works at reducing friction. For this, the lubrication factor comes into play. It even ensures that the excess friction doesn’t really cause harm at all. 

Similar to the previous product, it even works better at extreme pressure as well. Hence, it’s better when used particularly for the drill gears.

Also, the compatibility factor is better as well. You can use this one in the household application. This included the doors, garage, and openers.

Lastly, this one even meets the NLGl-2 performance. Quite a nice thing when a product meets certification factors.  

In the end, this white grease gives off a creamy appearance. Hence, it doesn’t really look that bad after the application. Mind you, it’s easier to apply the entire thing. 


  • Reduces friction.
  • Meets NLGl-2 performance.
  • Works at extreme pressure.
  • Long-lasting lubrication.


  • Can’t be used in the wheel bearing.

3. DuPont Teflon Lithium Grease

Product Overview

Bringing in another white lithium grease for you in this list. This is from the brand- DuPont. The unique thing, however, is the Teflon presence in this grease. 

Here, the entire product is made with Teflon which provides optimal performance all the time. This means the grease will work in lubricating the gears of the drill well enough. 

Now, when you apply this grease in the drills, you’ll observe that the entire thing is clear and clean. Also, you won’t really judge the entire odour after applying this product. 

This is because it’ll follow a low-odour formula all the time. Hence, you won’t really feel much after the application. 

And, speaking about the application, it’s quite easier to apply the entire thing. Just over it over the surface you wanna apply and squeeze, that’ll be enough, Atleast, that’s what the manufacturers claim to be so. 

However, in our testing, we found out that the entire thing was really hard to squeeze out. You’ll need quite the muscular strength to get the product out. 

Also, after you apply the entire thing out, it’ll resist freezing and washing off, This is great! Because, you can worry less after the application. 

Similar to the other products in the list, this one too will resist extreme heat. And, you want that because that’ll mean it works quite well in the drills. Things do get hotter out there so you’ll expect a grease that’ll resist that temperature. Fortunately, this one follows it quite well. 

Apart from that, you can also use this as outdoor usage. That’s it! To summarize, it works quite well with the drill gears. 


  • Resists freezing and washing off. 
  • Works well with the drill gears.
  • Great compatibility with outdoor usage.
  • Simple application.


  • Splatters everywhere.
  • Hard to get the product out sometimes.

4. Lucas Oil Red “N” Tacky Grease

Product Overview

We’re done, well almost! Presenting the 4th product in the list from Lucas Oil- the “Red N Tacky Grease”. Here, it’s quite similar to the other grease you’ve seen in this list. 

But, it has a unique standpoint. And, that unique standpoint is that this one is the largest product in this list. Well, sometimes, you just wanna get something big for yourself. Here, the added large size means that it’ll just last for a while. 

And, for the price, this is a solid win. Because, due to this, you can just get a little grease for your drill gears. It comes in 16 ounces. This is a bit more. 

Now, when it comes to the features of this product, there’s plenty- 

It also comes with oxidation and rust inhibitors. On top of this, there’s even better mechanical stability. Hence, it’ll be a better deal here. 

You can use this product also with different industrial applications and automotive. So, you get that flexibility. 

But, the packaging could be better throughout. Otherwise, you’ll see some leaks that’s not really appreciated.


  • Maintains better mechanical stability.
  • Works well with different industrial applications.
  • Comes in a larger size.
  • Offers superior lubrication.


  • Packaging could be better.

5. STAR BRITE Lithium Grease

Product Overview

Now, the last product of our list is also the most premium product of our list. Presenting the “Star Brite Lithium Grease”. This one is more expensive than the rest in this list. 

But that means it comes with more features, right? Well, not really! More on that, below-

It has an excellent washout resistance of water. Plus it even has a superior resistance from heat. If you wanna put a range/number on it, it’s basically upto 3850F. The manufacturers claim this heat resistance as the best thing of this product. Honestly, we’re agreeing with them on this factor.

Also, it’s better for the drill gears. Added to that, it’s even better with the automotive, marine, and lawn equipment. So, you have all the options in hand. 

Other than that, it even has a better adhesion factor. So, that’s a win. Also, the corrosion protection is top-notch as well. 

Moreover, it doesn’t even contain any silicone, even on the plastic components. So, it’s quite the option. 


  • Has a better adhesion factor.
  • Better for the drill gears.
  • Has better corrosion protection.


  • Jams up the grease gun.
  • Freezes up in winter.

Buying Guide

This is it, guys! We’re done with the section containing the reviews. But, we feel like more information could be given. More importantly, you’ll need to know all about the buying factors needed here.

For this reason, we’ve compiled this section together. By looking at this one, you can decide which is the buying factor for you! 

Hence, let’s start with the list-

Sufficient Lubrication

There’s a sufficient need of lubrication when you’re working with the grease for the drill gears. Mainly due to the friction factor, you’ll really need a grease that works quite well with the drill gears. 

Here, the lubrication factor works in charm. It even reduces the friction, to most extent. So, that’s an important thing.

Heat & Pressure Resistance 

When friction takes place, the heat and pressure resistance increases as well. 

That’s why you’ll need a product that works well with the pressure and higher temperature. Because of this feature, the grease will make sure that the heat isn’t unbearable. You need to know that higher temperature will cause wear in the gears. So, you’ll need to keep it protected. 

Ease of Application

Ease of application is quite important. The easier it is to apply, the better it’ll be for yourself. 

Hence, get the ones that can be easier to apply. We vouch for the ones that are easy to squeeze out. They are quite easy to use as well. Just point over that surface and squeeze the product out. 

That’ll be all!

Washing Off & Freezing Resistance

In the winter, grease freezes out. This will be a problem as it’ll be hard to get the product out of the tube. That’s why it’s better if the grease is freeze-resistant. 


Question: What is the best kind of grease for drill gears?

Answer: Lithium grease is the best kind of grease for the drill gears.

Question: What are the types of grease?

Answer: Lithium grease, aluminum complex grease, and Sodium Grease are the different types of grease. 

Question: What is the most common grease used for tools?

Answer: Lithium is the most commonly used grease for the tools.


Now that we’re almost to the end! We’d like to say that the best grease for drill gears is there for the taking. 

From the list, you can easily get the best one. You’ll just have to judge using the buying guide on which is the best factor. 

Then, get the best product using the factors. Good luck with your purchase! 


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