ryobi p290 vs p237

RYOBI P290 vs P237: Which One is Better?


There are many types of drill machines available in the market. You must be confused about which one will be suitable and give the best service! You have come to the right place then.

Coming to the question, ryobi p290 vs p237, which should you buy?

RYOBI P290 torque creates less noise. You can get options for the power sources in P290. P290 offers you a fuel power source,  which you can not find in P237. On the other hand, RYOBI P237 is lightweight and less expensive. It can perform heavy tasks with light tasks. P290 can not do that.

That’s not the end. Stay with us to know the two types well.

Short Comparison

RYOBI gives us different types of drill machines. They are almost the same. But a few differential points are visible. The little difference can bear a lot of advantages for the users. We have some suggestions for other brands. You can also go through these products.


Product 1
Product 2


RYOBI has a collection of the best drills. You can also go through these varieties. Many factors are present which can improve the capacity of the drilling.

Here we have given a short comparison between RYOBI P290 and RYOBI P237. They both are liked by the users. Choose the best one by following the table.

Factors RYOBI P290 RYOBI P237
Maximum Chunk Size 6.35 Millimeters 13 Millimeters
Weight 3-4 pounds 2.75 pounds
Power Source Battery-powered, fuel-powered Battery-powered
Maximum Speed 3200 RPM 3200 RPM
Price Around $45-50 Around $40-45
Item Torque 450 In-Lbs 1800 In-Lbs
Noise @Less noise More noise


Go through only this table if you have time limitations. Otherwise, stay with us and learn the advantages and disadvantages of the factors. Going through the detailed comparison can clarify your needs.

Extended Comparison

You should go through an extended discussion for a better one. That can clear your concepts. The two drill machines have unique abilities. They can serve you in the best way. Also, you could be disappointed by the other factors. So, it will be the best decision to know each factor well.

Maximum Chunk Size

Chunk size is important to improve the working capacity. The smaller the size the less powerful it will be. ⅜ inch or 10 mm is the standard measurement. ½ inch or 13 mm is also a common one. It is mostly used for heavy work.

¼ inch is best for lightweight working. Mostly we do heavy work. ½ inch can perform heavy and somewhat lightweight works also. But ¼ inch can not perform heavy working.

RYOBI P290 has a 6.35-millimeters chunk. It can easily work for the lightweights. But there will be difficulties in heavy working.

RYOBI P237 chunk size is 13 millimeters. It can greatly perform heavyweight works. Besides, it can help you by doing light work as well.

Winner: Here we can see the winner is RYOBI P237.


It is an important factor. Light weight is easy to carry anywhere. Also if you get the same service as a heavy one then why should you go for that? Viking vs Norseman drill bits is the same as this topic.

RYOBI P290 of 3 to 4 pounds. The RYOBI P237 is 2.75 pounds.

Winner: Again the RYOBI P237 wins.

Power Source

Battery power sources are rechargeable. You can charge it and can use it according to your wish. But a fuel power source is better. It runs longer. Here high energy density is present than the battery. So a fuel power source can be the best option for you.

RYOBI P290 has both a battery source and a fuel source. Here you can select any option. But RYOBI P237 has only battery power. You can not go for any option.

Winner: RYOBI P290 wins here.

Maximum Speed

Drilling speed is important to get a good finish. If the speed is wrong then the drilling material can get damaged. It can heat up. Also, the surface where drilling occurs can be damaged. So it is important to get an adequate speed.

The RYOBI P290 and P237 give you the same speed. It’s about 3200 RPM.

Winner: It’s a tie here.


A budget-friendly product with lots of working ability can satisfy you. RYOBI products remain in the range of $40 to $50. Sometimes problems occur in RYOBI. The miter saw clamp doesn’t work in RYOBI. If it gets damaged then you have to pay more for it.

RYOBI P290 can be available for around $45 to $50. On the other hand, RYOBI P237 is also an amazing one which is around $40-45.

Winner: Here RYOBI P237 wins.

Item Torque

High gear drill machines create less torque. When you increase the speed, the torque will decrease automatically. The more torque will happen, the more you face twisting force. So less torque is better in this case.

RYOBI P290 torque is 450 In-Lbs. But RYOBI P237 torque is around 1800 In-Lbs.

Winner: The winner is RYOBI P290.


Noise creates a harmful impact on the environment and our hearing. A high-pitched noise can lead to deafness.

RYOBI P290 creates less noise. But RYOBI P237 creates a lot of noise. Working with RYOBI P237 can hamper your hearing ability.

Winner: So, here the winner is RYOBI P290.

We have discussed the factors with detailed information. It can help you to choose the best one according to your priority.

Final Verdict

We have given valid causes why one is better than another. Both of them can give you a maximum speed of 3200 RPM. But there is some difference in the other factors. Now the choice is yours which one is more preferable for you.


How to change the line in a Ryobi trimmer?

To change the line in a Ryobi trimmer, remove the battery first. Open the head by pushing the tabs. The cap will come out. Find the spool. Insert the line in the hole of the spool. Keep going until the spool grabs it. Then roll it in the opposite direction. Cut the line and you’re done.

How can you maintain the Ryobi p237 nail gun?

You can maintain the Ryobi p237 nail gun by oiling it regularly. Also, remove the nails from the gun once you are done using it. Remove the battery in its idle time. Also, keep the latch of the gun released. Then remove residues using a soft cloth.

Do you need to oil the Ryobi p290 nail gun regularly?

Yes, you need to oil the Ryobi nail gun p290 regularly. Oiling is necessary to increase the functionality of the nail gun. Adding oil while using the gun decreases heat and friction. This is beneficial for the longevity of the nail gun.


That’s all about today’s topic of ryobi p290 vs p237. Hope that now you can decide between the two!

Good Luck!

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