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Wall Control vs Omniwall: Detailed Comparison


Excess garage clutter causes a slew of issues. Two of the most common garage wall pegboard options are available to stop the mess.

So, which is the wiser one to choose in comparison to Wall Control vs Omni wall?

The Wall Control takes only a few minutes to set up. Wall Control Panels are easy to install in one piece. Simply attach the panels to the wall and you’re done. On the other hand, Omni Wall takes a little longer to set up. You must have a detailed comparison before buying one.

Let’s look after the detailed comparison! 

Omniwall vs Wall Control: Quick Overview

It’s very simple to find storage solutions for larger goods like bars and weights. When it’s about all of the smaller items, Omniwall steps up.

Wall Control, on the other hand, has a comprehensive choice of storage solutions. It’s for every storage problem you can have in a garage, both large and small.

Let’s take a quick look at how an unbeatable garage organization system came to fruition.


Omniwall Wall Control
32 inches in height and 16 inches wide 32 inches in height and 16 inches wide
More costly  Less costly
made of 18 gauge steel made of 20 gauge steel

Now let’s go through the details on this one. 


Omniwall vs Wall Control: The Better One In Details

Everything from equipment to art supplies may be organized and stored on pegboards. Pegboards are available in a variety of materials. It includes metal, plastic, and acrylic, in addition to wood or hardboard.

Let’s find out which one is the best choice for you with detailed pieces of information. 

Features 1: Panels

Let us begin with the panels. The panels created by Wall Control are 32 inches in height and 16 inches wide. 

Omniwall panels are 32 inches in height and 16 inches wide as well.

The panels of Wall Control are made of 20 gauge steel. It’s ten times more durable than a standard pegboard. The created flange also adds to the overall stability of each panel.

Whereas Omniwall panels are made of 16″x16″ 18-gauge galvanized panels.

Features 2: Shades, Styles, and Storage

Wall Control is available in a variety of shades and options. It also comes in different panel styles. 

You can install it with drywall anchors or straight into studs by a basic drill. The 16-inch width makes it easy to fit into most basic stud spacing. 

Here are a few advantages of using Wall Control.

The hooks on Wall Control panels are kept away from your walls by a 3/4′′ flange. 

There are no rough edges to cut oneself on because the flange is rounded. 

Wall Control, unlike fiber-board pegboards, will not warp due to excessive dampness. 

Wall Control is much more durable than fiberboard. The panels will not be torn apart by heavier items.

Because the panels are steel, magnetic items can be utilized in conjunction with Wall Control.

Because Wall Control is modular, it can accommodate practically any size or form of pegboard. The prices are fairly affordable, particularly when purchasing packages.

This system is covered by a lifetime warranty from Wall Control. 

Eight various colors are available for the panels, and four different colors are available for the hooks.

The OmniWall Kit is essential for any DIY enthusiast. If you have a surplus of screws, bolts, and drill bits, this system is ideal for you.

You can get your items organized quickly and efficiently with 12 Quant Bins and the bin storage panel. This set also includes a multi-drill and impact shelf.

The wall storage system from OmniWall is the best device and accessory organizer. 

The panels may be hung both horizontally and vertically, allowing them to be used on any wall. 

The workbench kit can be placed almost anywhere you like.

The Omniwall Ability to counteract Station is comprehensive. It’s a high-quality cordless drill storage solution that includes drill accessories. 

It also has large storage space for workpieces and other drill accessories.

The power station is constructed from two. It is more durable and rust-resistant than conventional materials.

The 16-gauge galvanized has been used to strengthen and reinforce the accessories so they can hold even the heaviest of tools.

For the drilling of Wall Control, you just need a good quality drilling machine. Here is some affordable drilling machine you can find in the market.

With a quality drill now you can swiftly install these using the 6 provided screws or anchors.

Combining numerous panels is uncomplicated and allows you to design an organizational wall. Before doing that, check the insulation of the wall and ceiling. Then try to meet your demands while also allowing for future development.

Omniwalls solid-formed metal fabricated components are designed to organize drill components used in vehicle repair jobs.

The 12 Quant bins firmly attach to the bin store panel, allowing you to keep everything within easy reach.

Drill storage of the highest quality that you may brag about and to your buddies. 

There you go, with the details!

Which You Should Choose

Wall Control is without a doubt the best-executed wall storage system. There are other solutions on the market and none as close to Wall Control’s quality. 

It comes with simple installation, high-quality materials, and a variety of options. You can genuinely create a Wall Control setup that meets your needs and fits your area. 

It’s simple to set up and modify, and you can quickly expand it. It also comes with a warranty, so it’s a terrific deal. 

Overall, I would strongly advise you to investigate a Wall Control for your storage requirements.

This is where our detailed discussion concludes. You’ve now learned everything you need to know before you choose one between those two. 


Question: Can you waterproof the pegboard?

Answer: Spray both surfaces and the borders of your board with primers and gloss paint if you want it to be weather resistant. As a general rule, the glossier the coating, the more water-resistant the board.

Question: Can you cut the wall control pegboard?

Answer: Draw the openings on the metal pegboard with the outlet as a template. Then take the outlet and drill the two holes. Now remove the board and hang it on the wall with the hole cut out.

Question: What happens if the pegboard gets wet?

Answer: Water can cause the backside of the board to peel and dissolve if it gets wet. Make sure to spray the back of the board to keep it as dry as possible.


Hoping that I’ve finally ended the debate of Wall Control vs Omniwall for you. Smaller goods, such as oddly shaped items can be heaped on your pegboard and desk now.

Keep on your work.



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