dewalt 708 vs 780

DeWalt 708 vs 780: Which One to Choose?


Not just for just professional wood-cutting, a saw cutter is necessary even on regular basis.

However, choosing is not that easy. Especially, between DeWalt’s famous 780 and 708.

Then, DeWalt 708 or 780, which one you should buy?

Technically Dewalt 708 is a good cutter for any new users. It is very simple to operate. However, if you want to use multiple operations, you can use the Dewalt 780. While 708 ensures a stable cutting experience, the 780 comes with loads of modifications.

However, this is just an overview. To have a clear idea, you will need much precise knowledge.

And here I am! At your service. This article will remove all your confusion.

Let’s have a look then, shall we?

DeWalt 708 vs 780: A Head-on-head Comparison

Before going to a described view, let’s see some of the basic features of both of the miter cutters. This way, we can have a clear idea about the cutters. 

Here is what we have:

Features DeWalt 708 DeWalt 780
Max bevelling angle 48 degrees 49 degrees
Motor  4000 RPM 3800 RPM
Best for Beginners Professionals
Multiple features  Unavailable Available


Well, these are some of the general features of both DeWalt 780 and 708. Now, we can focus on much more described details about DeWalt 708 and 780.

A More Detailed Analysis: DeWalt 708 vs 780

DeWalt 708 and 780, both have almost the same features. Unlike comparing Grizzly g0869 and DeWalt

Still, there are a few factors that we can look up. If you want a better view of both of the miter cutters.

Firstly, Accessories

Well, if you buy or are about to choose something, definitely you will seek any accessories. The same can be said for choosing miter cutters as well.

Let’s have a look at the DeWalt 780 first. This cutting-edge cutter comes with loads of attachments. 

First of all, the cutter comes with a clamp. Thus it becomes easy to use the cutter. 

Sometimes you may need to cut for a long time. And this clamp can simply save your hand from a really hectic situation. 

Besides, you can also use the clamp to hold the workpiece right in the perfect place. So, you can cut the workpiece pretty efficiently.

Speaking of the saw clamp, check these out:


Product 1
Product 2


They are the best-sellers in the market now. Hurry before they are out of stock!

Another attachment that comes with the DeWalt 780 is a dirt sack. Obviously while cutting the woods, there will be dust and other debris. 

Once you attach the sack with the cutter, it will collect the dirt. This way the work area does not get messy.

If compared, the DeWalt 708 does not have that much of attachments.

First of all, the DeWalt 708 does not come with an extra stand. Unlike the 780 you cannot use any extra grips for cutting purposes.

Secondly, it does not have any dirt collection kit. Thus, the work area can get pretty messed up by dust and dirt.

Now, it’s not like the DeWalt 708 has no special feature. It has a good remarkable feature.

That is the brake mechanism. With the help of this feature, you can use the cutter at the required angle.

So, if you like attachments, then DeWalt 780 is the best cutter to use. Otherwise, you can use the DeWalt 708. Your call.


When speaking of a cutter, controlling is a sure thing to speak of. 

Comparatively, using DeWalt 708 is pretty much easier than using the DeWalt 780.

DeWalt 708 is very stable and robust. Barely, the blade of the saw wobbles. Thus, you can smoothly cut the woods.

Another fact is, that the cutter is designed as simply as possible. As a result, you won’t have to face any difficulties while using the blade.

Because of these reasons, it’s a good blade for any greenhorn.

The DeWalt 780, on the other hand, has a bit more complex usage. The 780 has more versatile operations than the 708. You can use it to cut in many different angles. 

And to perfectly use this blade, you must know about all these operations first.

That is why the cutter is best for professional wood-cutters. They can easily use it for multiple purposes.

So, if you are a beginner in using cutting tools, you can go for the DeWalt 708. 

Otherwise, you can use the DeWalt 780 for much more professional work.

Finally, to Pick One

All right. We have seen some of the basic features and also the major features.

Now to pick one.

Actually, Both 708 and 780 are good cutters.

If you like stable, simple control, go for the DeWalt 708. It is simple and reliable. Especially perfect miter saw for any beginners.

Or, if you have advanced works, use the DeWalt 780. A bit complex but has a lot of features.


Is It Possible to Cut Metal Pipes with My Miter Cutter?

Yes. Although these cutters are made to cut wood, You can cut metal pipes with them.  You need to keep an eye on some major factors. You have to use the right type of blade for cutting. You can use carbide blades or Aluminum blades. Also, The TPI of the blades should be something between 8 and 24.

Is There Any Way to Fix My Miter cutter’s Blade Not Spinning?

Yes. Possibly, the bearing got damaged. Generally, the blade of the miter saw rotates with the help of a bearing. This bearing can get damaged or ear down over time. And the bearing will make noises. Thus, you will need to replace the worn bearing with a new one.

Is It Possible to Remove Adhesives Stuck in The Miter Saw?

Yes. You can remove the adhesive stuck in the saw blade. Firstly, you have to heat glue sticking on the blade to soften it. You can use a blow torch in this case. Afterward, take a kitchen knife. Now use it and remove the molten glue smoothly from the blade.


Guess we have reached the finish line. That’s all I had on “DeWalt 708 vs 780”. And hopefully, now you can choose the perfect miter saw!

However, further confusion can occur and no need to panic. Simply reach out to any wood-cutter for help.

With this, I bade my farewell.

Have a great day!

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