dewalt dcl040 troubleshooting

Dewalt Dcl040 Troubleshooting: 2 Methods to Follow


Dewalt dcl040 is undoubtedly an outstanding led work light to use. With all its good reviews, it can also get issues at times. You would feel annoyed if you suddenly experience it going off in the middle of a workday. What to do then!

So, what is the Dewalt dcl040 troubleshooting?

First, you can troubleshoot the battery and switch if the lights have issues turning on. Other than that, you can troubleshoot the appliance when its light blinks all of a sudden. You just need to go for the solution according to the problem it has.

You may think this is all you need. But we actually have a lot more coming up that you need to know!

So, get started now to know more drills!

What Are The Dewalt Dcl040 Troubleshooting Guides?

An issue with a led work light might seem too technical to solve oneself. These issues are technical like Sawzall troubleshooting guides. But you can actually do it yourself if you are willing to do so. 

You just need to have the proper guide and knowledge for this.

We have got here the troubleshooting guides in detail. Take a look below-

Troubleshoot 1: Lights Would Not Turn On

To begin, ensure your lamp has new batteries. Also, double-check that they’re installed correctly by consulting your user handbook. 

Also, make sure there are no silica packets in the charging port. 

Because they could have been included by the maker. Everything should be well-fitting and snug. Nothing must feel as if it has to be pushed into position. They should all be at the same phase like wiring garage lights in parallel.


Examine your battery connectors if everything is in place and your light yet did not turn on. The positive and negative terminals of the batteries initiate contact with the light at these positions. 

Ensure that these areas are free of debris.

If not, clean the build-up with a piece of damp cloth or a pencil eraser. This is also an excellent time to double-check that everything is in working order. 

Any components that move about on their own are not visible. 

In that scenario, needle nose tongs can be used to tighten them up. Put your attention on the switch when your light still won’t turn on. 

Like many lights, the light may have a tail switch. 

Replace the tail cap and locate something conductive in that scenario. It might be anything from a key to a paperclip. 

Finally make an interaction between the conductive object, battery terminals, and the light edge. 

If you see the light turning on now, then the circuit is okay. In that case, there is an issue with the switch. So, you need to replace the light switch.

Now, you might be confused to choose the best switch for this. We understand that. And that is why we have a few suggestions below-

Product 1
Product 2

These products would be worth using.

Troubleshoot 2: Light Blinking Suddenly

Dewalt-led light blinking is nothing unusual at all. And remember that it is not a very big issue. But procrastinating to resolve the issue would make it a significant problem. 

So, you need to know about its reasons and solution.

After you use the light for a long time, you may notice the light starts blinking. This mainly happens as this appliance gets overheated. 

And this light can become overheated when it is being used for a long time. This can also happen if you are using the damaged double socket.

The Dewalt flashlight also blinks when it is being overcharged too. The blinking flashlight gives signals of being overheated. 


You can come to the solution to this issue quite simply. All you need is to have a proper duration and timing. That is, you need to charge the led light before it runs out of charge entirely.

However, you can let the charge go off entirely once in a while. According to some people, it is better to run out of charge entirely once in a while. 

But this is not a must thing to do. So, you may consider it if you want.

When you charge the appliance, you must also maintain the duration. To be precise, you need to make sure you don’t overcharge it. 

This can be problematic for the battery and the entire appliance too.

To add another point with that, do not use the light when you are charging it. It may disrupt internal functioning and cause additional issues with time.

So, following these instructions, you can resolve the blinking issue of the appliance.

These are the troubleshooting guides you can follow for your Dewalt dcl040 light.


Question: What is the purpose of the flashing red light?

Answer: The flashing red light indicates whether the battery is being charged or not. If this flashing red light blinks, it means the battery is charging. It would become green when the battery is full. And it may turn yellow if the battery temperature gets high.

Question: How long would a Dewalt 20V light work without a charge?

Answer: You can work for more than 10 hours with a single time charge. The work time of this light can go up to even 11 hours if you start just after a recharge. But try to recharge the battery once you use it for more than 9 or 10 hours.

Question: When to reset a Dewalt battery charger?

Answer: Dewalt battery charges fast and lasts for a long time. It can automatically get turned off if it is overcharged due to getting overheated. In that case, you need to reset it. Resetting would erase all the memory of the microchip and set a new one.

The Final Words

Now you know about the Dewalt dcl040 troubleshooting guides! We have got here the most useful and important guides for you.

Before we conclude, we have got a quickie tip! Do not recharge the battery up to 100% every time. It can be harmful to the battery.

Good luck!

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