Miter Saw Not Cutting All The Way Through: What Can be Done?


Experiencing issues with your miter saw is something that no one would like. And having any issues in the middle of work would be really disturbing! You would be stuck there if the saw can not go through the object.

So, what to do if your miter saw is not cutting all the way through?

If your miter saw is not cutting all the way through, there are certain reasons. The first reason is the position of the blade where you need to fix this. Secondly, you need to see if the bevel gauge has to be aligned again. And finally, you also need to check and fix the other issues with the blade.

This is just a brief of how you can resolve the issues. But you must be reading along all the way to the end. You would get all the details you need.

So, get started now!

Why Is My Miter Saw Not Cutting Properly?

Miter saw issues are common like Ryobi saw clamp issues. You can’t just wait to fix this. But before you get to the solution, you need to know the issues. 

Once you come to know about the reasons for this problem, you can solve it.

So, take a look here at the reasons for this. And alongside, you move on to their respective solutions as needed.

Reason 1: The Miter Saw Blade Not Positioned Correctly

The first reason your miter saw may not be cutting properly is its blade position. If the blade is not positioned properly, it would not cut all the way through.

This happens mainly if you cut irregular-sized objects randomly. You know the blade of your miter saw may just get positioned.

As a result of this, the miter saw fails to cut the objects properly and effectively. And hence, you can not go all the way through the objects while cutting down.


You must fix the saw’s blade to make this right. The best way to insert a saw blade varies based on the type of saw one has. 

There are some saws that have a lever. Before changing the current saw blade with a fresh one, they must be removed. 

Others need the loosening of an Allen screw. To stop the blade from slipping out, some even have a locking pin. Some people experience a mix of these signs. 

A second look at the owner’s manual would be quite beneficial. By doing this, it is ensured that neither blade is properly inserted nor fastened. 

But it also makes sure the blade is fastened and fitted correctly. However, doing so will lessen the likelihood of a blade in the saw falling off. 

There is a way to employ Allen screws and locking pins. As far as you could do it without totally removing the bolts, loosen them. 

It is clear that the blade will continue to struggle to move. If this occurs, drill chuck problems can be to blame. 

Consider resting the saw on its side in that situation. Additionally, rotate the blade from one end to the other to get rid of it completely. 

When you tilt the saw to one side, the pin holding the saw blade in place may come loose. One can remove the blade.

But if you still have any problem with the blade, just remove it. Remember that this is a really good time to change the blade if you really want.

So, if you fix to replace the saw blade, here is a list of suggestions for you. Take a look.

Problem 1
Problem 2

Hope this helps!

Reason 2: The Bevel Gauge Is Not Aligned

Sometimes, you may notice that your saw bevel gauge is not aligned properly. Even if you do not notice that it would just leave symptoms. 

You would see the cutting angles would not be as you want them to be. And moreover, the miter saw would not be able to cut all the way through objects.

The bevel gauge gets misaligned if it has got an impact. Like, you may be cutting any objects that are way thicker than they could hold.

In that case, the bevel gauge may get pressure and cause it to misalign. For this, your saw blade may also start wobbling.


For this, you have nothing to do with complex or like that. You just need to fix the bevel gauge of your miter saw. 

The first thing you would do is look at the manual’s guidelines. You can find there how to align the level gauge of your miter saw.

But if you still do not have any idea about it, don’t worry! To get started, loosen the adjustable screws. 

That means you need to take off the screws of the bevel gauge. Then you just set the angle of it properly.

And now, you put back on the screws and tighten them. If you are confused, you can use any type of screwdriver for this. That would be fine unless that is not too small.


Is it a must to replace the miter saw for not cutting through?

No, it’s not a must to replace your miter saw if it doesn’t cut through. Because you can definitely follow our guidelines to resolve the issue. However, the saw may be permanently damaged at times. In that case, the replacement of this would be needed. But this does not happen very often.

How much should I spend to buy a new saw?

Well, the price may vary depending on a number of things. First of all, the price can vary from model to model and brand to brand. But if you still want to have an idea, the minimum price would be around $170. However, it can go as high as $15000. 

Why does my miter saw stop at times?

If your miter saw stops at times, there must be issues with it. The first thing it may have is a loose connection of power. But this is not that serious though. Something that could be more serious is the internal issues. There might be issues with the motor of your saw.

The Final Words

Now you know what to do if your miter saw not cutting all the way through! You must not have any more issues getting along with it.

But remember one thing. Try not to cut too thick objects with your miter saw. Because this can gradually make your saw blade blunt. And it may even damage the miter saw in fact.

Be aware of it!

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