Viking Vs Norseman Drill Bits: Which Is Better?


There are many options to choose from when it comes to drilling bits. Viking and Norseman are two very popular options available. 

So confused between viking vs norseman drill bits?

Both the Viking and the Norseman are made by the Viking. They have the same cutting angle string and can both be used on stainless steel. They are priced similarly as well. But the Viking has a black and bronze finish while the Norseman has a gold. The Norseman also weighs less. 

There is so much more to know about these two drill bits! Fortunately, we have everything covered right in this article!

General Overview

Drill bits are useful for having holes made properly. However, having the correct instrument makes the work much easier. The same is true for drill bits. 

Viking and Norseman are drill bits by the same company. But there are some differences that make them stand out from each other. So what are they?

Differences Viking Drill Bits Norseman Drill Bits
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Finish Black & Bronze Gold Oxide
Weight 3.29 Pounds 2.94 pounds
Cutting Angle String 135 degrees 135 degrees
Brand Viking Viking
Price Check Here Check Here

The table just shows the gist of the differences between the two drill bits. Before you can make a choice between the two, you must know more details. 

In-depth Comparison

Viking drill bits and Norseman drill bits differ in quite a few aspects, as we just saw. But the differences between the two cannot be just summed up with the table. 

You will need more details to truly understand how the two drill bits are different. And that is precisely what this section has for you. 


Both of the drillbits are recommended for stainless steel. So no matter what you choose, the Viking or the Norseman, both can drill in stainless steel.

The drill bits are intended for use with stainless steel hardening grades. Other metal drilling applications made of metal can be worked upon with these drill bits as well. 

The Viking and the Norseman are both capable of working on stainless steel. Both of them are equally capable of drilling different materials. 

Winner: This round is a draw. Both of them are certified to work on stainless steel. 


Both the Viking and The Norseman drillbit are certified to work on stainless steel material. But they have different finishes. And that can make a difference. 

The Viking drill bit has a black and bronze finish. Black finishes are used for decreasing the friction between the drillbit and the work surface. It speeds up the drilling process drastically. 

The bronze finish has no particular noteworthy added benefit. But bronze with black implies higher quality. Black and bronze represent better grades and higher speeds of drilling. 

So the Viking drillbit, with its black and bronze finish, will give you a higher speed of drilling. It also has a longer lifetime than normal drill bits. Almost 50% longer.

The Norseman drillbit has a gold oxide finish. Having a gold finish ensures that your drillbit will last longer than other finishes. 

The gold oxide finish signifies that the drillbit is fast and more durable. The speed is almost 3x faster while using with speed helix. 

Winner: The winner of this round is the Norseman drillbit. Though it is a close call, we prefer the gold drillbit for its durability and speed. 


Weight of the drillbits matter. Having heavier drillbits can make it drastically harder to maneuver or work with. Using a heavier drillbit can make the work much more tiring, even after a short time. 

The difference in weight between the Viking drillbit and the Norseman drillbit is not significant. But the Viking drillbit is heavier. 

The Viking drillbit weighs in at 3.29 pounds. The weight is standard for drillbits of this category. 

But the norseman drill bit set weighs in at 2.94 pounds. It is a little lighter than the Viking drillbit. So moving it around is a little easier.

Of course, the weight difference of the drill will have an effect. Such as,  Dewalt 708 and 780 are different and their different weights will affect your usage. 


Winner: The Norseman drillbit wins this round because it weighs slightly less than the Viking.

Cutting Angle String

The most common cutting angles for drill bits are 118 degrees and 135 degrees. The degree of angle matters for what kind of material you will be piercing into. And the pace and efficiency of the process. 


Both of the drillbits, the Viking and the Norseman, have the same cutting angle string. Both have a 135-degree split point. 


135 degrees is usually flatter than 118 degrees. So expect both of the drillbits to be somewhat flat. 


135 degrees is used for harder materials. Materials such as stainless steel. We already discussed how the two drillbits perform on materials in an earlier section.  


Differences in cutting angle can be compared to the difference between swivel and flex head ratchet

Winner: This round is a draw. Both of the drillbits have the same cutting angle string.


Brand value matters to many of us. Buying products from better brands gives us the reliability of better service. And better brand inspired more confidence in the purchase choice. 

The Viking and the Norseman are named differently. However, they are both manufactured by the same business. Both of them are made by Viking.

Viking manufactures all its products in the USA. so both of the drillbits are made on American soil. 

The warranty policy for both of the products is also similar as they come from the same company. Post sale services can be received from the same shops. Norseman drill bits catalog is available in Viking shops. 

Winner: This round is also a draw.


The price is a really significant aspect. So let’s see which of the two drillbits is more budget-friendly. 

You can get the Viking drillbit for around $100. The Norseman can also be found in a very similar price range. 

Both of the products can be found in sales as well. 

Winner: This round is also a draw because the price of both of the drillbits is very similar. 


Both the Viking drillbit and the Norseman are very good options. But the final decision comes down to your needs. 

If you are looking for a fast driller, go for the Viking. But if you want something that will last longer, go for the Norseman.


Does the brand of drill bit matter?

The brand of the drill bit does not matter for the work. But a brand can carry a sentimental value. Having drill bits from a better brand can be more reassuring. Better established brands can offer better post-sales services as well. 

When should you replace drill bits?

You should replace your drill bits if the holes you are making with them are fuzzy or jagged. There is no specific time period after which you need to change drill bits. But if the drill bits are worn out, you will need to replace them. 

Do concrete drill bits wear out?

Using the wrong kind of drill bits on concrete will wear them out quickly. Drill bits made specifically for concrete will not wear out when used on concrete. But other kinds of drill bits will significantly be hampered when used on concrete


Now we know so much more about viking vs norseman drill bits. Both of them are excellent options for you. 

The final decision comes down to your needs. If your want a faster drill bit go for the Viking. If you want a more durable drillbit, go for the Norseman. 


Good luck!

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