Can You Epoxy Half the Garage Floor at a Time – Expert Opinions to Follow!


As you have built a nice garage at home, it should have the best look. This is to make you feel comfortable with different garage works. 

An epoxy coating will support your vehicle to look good around the area. 

So, can you epoxy half the garage floor at a time?

It is not recommended to do half the coating at a time for three main reasons.

The first reason is due to the drying time and the second is about the preparation. The chemical mixture scene cannot be overruled as well. For a long-lasting coat, you have to understand the reasons in detail. 

We, therefore, invite you to follow the article closely to review your options. The more you understand floor coating, the better you will get.

Let us begin!

Reasons Why You Should Not Epoxy Half the Garage – at a Time

A decision to make the garage floor new and shiny is a good one. In this aspect, you should be looking at the best options. The best option is to use Epoxy to ensure a clean garage floor. 

With this you have answered should I epoxy my garage floor

You may want to epoxy half the garage at once, especially if you are doing it alone. Doing the epoxy floor in phases can save you some hard work. However, it is good to avoid the phases method. 

You can be asking how much epoxy are required on the garage floor. The answer is two. This means you need to apply 2 layers of epoxy coating on the floor.

Since one layer won’t solve the issue, it is recommended that you finish the job in 2 days. This means if you want to do half the garage at a time, you have to work 4 days.

This is an inefficient process due to several reasons. We are going to look further into outlining the 3 main reasons. 

Reason 1: Drying Time

On a warm summer day, the typical drying time for the epoxy is fast. This takes around 10 to 12 hours. It can take up to 18 hours if the temperature is colder. 

Applying epoxy coats on the entire garage floor should take around 5 to 6 hours. You can take 2 to 3 hours to coat half the garage. The next day you are completing the other half.

As the first layer is done, you should put the second layer fast. The fastest is the next day when the layers of the coating should mix in. This is to assist with the garage floor paint afterward.

You may want to know how long to wait before driving on an epoxy floor. The simple answer is 24 hours to make your garage look new. A new-looking garage would support good construction by installing PVC conduit around the building.

If you are applying half the area, there can be dirt and moisture forming. This is on the other non-coated half. You have to do the cleaning process in this context. 

For this reason, not layering certain parts of the floor is not a good idea. This is for more than 24 hours. 

Reason 2: Preparation Needed

We ask if can you epoxy half the garage floor at a time. The answer is yes, you will be able to do that. However, we are not recommending the procedure. 

At a certain point, the question would be what is the alternative to epoxy?

The answer is polyurea coatings which are 20 times stronger than epoxy. Still, you should be doing the full garage at a time. 

So, what preparation is needed to coat epoxy on the garage floor?

The use of vacuum cleaner is the best process to clean the dirt and dust. The use of dish soap cannot be overruled as well for wiping the floor. If there are cracks on the floor, you can use patching products to repair the cracks. The main idea is to make the floor clean and dry before coating.  

Coating the full garage at a time is suggested simply because of such reasons. You can’t leave the other half of the floor to get dirty again. 

Cleaning the floor again would be a hassle for you. Probably, the garage is set over connecting lines to ensure the right treatment is provided. 

Reason 3: Epoxy Mixture

In order to apply the coating, you need to make an epoxy mixture. The mixture should last for at least 2 hours. You should apply the coating right away, it should not wait another day. 

It is common to look for the longevity scene of the epoxy. A proper coating with the right mixture lasts for as long as 10 years. Durability may be lower if coated in phases. 

A proper mixture of catalyst and resin or paint provides a strong chemical solution. The mixtures should be stirred the right way before applying. 

You must empty the catalyst container fully at a time. Doing it in phases would make the solution to losing its chemical strength. This is to assist rust-oleum epoxy shield drying time

Few things are essential to prevent before coating application. To make you garage look great, you should be needing some products.

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Does coating half the floor create tire marks?

Driving around the floor after half coating may create tire marks. This is on the non-coated side. You need to be cleaning the marks before coating which is a hassle. 

Does strong chemical composition prevent dirt and corrosion?

A strong epoxy mixture definitely prevents dirt and corrosion to happen for a long time. A clean floor means being comfortable around doing wide ranges of things. 

Why should I apply two layers of coating on the floor?

2 layers of coating is necessary to ensure a bond that lasts long. The chemical composition makes the floor stay clean and smooth.


The query of can you epoxy half the garage floor at a time is clean. Since we have provided the right answer, you should provide the best application. 

By wishing you all the best, we are singing off!


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