what does xr mean on dewalt tools

What Does XR Mean On DeWalt Tools? [Explained]


So, you’ve come across XR on DeWalt tools and it left you confused, right? Well, this is where we solve this mystery and put your head to rest.

Now let’s get straight to the point, what does XR mean on DeWalt tools?

This term can be found in the newest DeWalt tools. The XR stands for extreme runtime. These are a lineup of brushless motor tools that are more efficient and have a longer lifespan. The use of magnets for power delivery causes less friction and heat.

Now you already know what XR in their name stands for.

But this is not where it ends! There’s still a lot to know about the XR tools. So, let’s jump right in!

Where Can You Find This XR Term?

There are a lot of power tools companies out there. Each has its unique style of naming its product lines.

Alongside Neiko and Tekton, DeWalt makes very useful tools. And they are upgrading their cordless tools so that working with them is more versatile.

And within this versatility, you’ll find mainly 2 product categories with XR in their names. They are DeWalt tools and DeWalt batteries.

To begin with, DeWalt has max tools and max batteries. And their upgraded lineups are the DeWalt Max XR tools and DeWalt max XR batteries.

But XR means different things for the batteries and the tools.

What Does XR Stand For? 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, XR stands for extreme runtime in DeWalt tools. Naturally, it implies that this line of products will have a longer lifetime.

For the tools, the XR means that this is tool is brushless. And for the battery, it is actually a battery with a bigger ampere rating. 

The regular DeWalt 20V max tools have brushed motors. Which are carbon made and they wear out over time. Also, they have overheating issues and waste a lot of energy.

But the 20V XR tools have brushless technology. The magnets in these tools play the role of transferring the energy. 

This reduces the overall friction and as a result, it doesn’t wear out. It also doesn’t get overheated. All these features together ensure better performance and last longer than the regular ones.

On the other hand, XR labeled batteries have a higher ampere rating. This means they can provide better and longer service.

How Much Better Are The XR Tools Than The Normal Ones? 

The XR labeled tools from DeWalt promises a longer lifetime than the regular ones. It has been proven that the XR tools give a 57% increased runtime while testing.

Also, the XR battery packs have 33% more capacity than the regular batteries.

Now, this begs for the question, “Can I use XR batteries in regular tools?”

The answer is, yes. The XR battery packs can fit in both XR tools and regular tools from DeWalt.

However, XR tools paired up with XR batteries deliver a much smoother experience. 

Because both of them are the bests in the fields. This makes the tools last longer and works much more efficiently.

Additional Perks Of The XR Range 

Till now, we only talked about the basic perks of the XR tools. Which is mainly the efficiency and lifetime. But alongside that, there are some additional perks too.

The XR impact driver has 3 preset speed settings alongside the variable speed trigger. These modes do not exist in the regular product versions.

Also, the XR range reciprocating saw has LED indicators. But the regular version doesn’t have this feature.

And all the XR range tools have upgraded ergonomic grips installed to ease the handling.

But when you do maintenance of your tools you might use brake cleaner. As it cleans of grease very easily. 

But be careful because the grips are made of rubber. Because brake cleaner is not safe on rubber to use.

Should You Upgrade To DeWalt XR Range Of Products?

DeWalt XR tools and batteries are developed to be the next generation of cordless tools.

As the name suggests, they will provide you with a significantly longer lifetime. That means you don’t have to charge your tools so often.

The batteries from the XR lineup are also useful. Because they deliver a higher amount of power.

A higher amount of power partnered with an efficient and brushless motor will work like a charm!

Also, the XR battery packs are compatible with all of the XR tools. This means that you can use just one set of batteries with a variety of tools. Which eventually saves you both money and time.

Even if the battery charger doesn’t work, it still gives you enough time to replace the charger.

Here are some of our favorite battery chargers in the market:


We hope this should help you while choosing a battery charger for yourself!

With all these advantages, an upgrade seems like a wise decision.

And now you totally know what XR means on DeWalt tools!


Question: Are DeWalt batteries interchangeable? 

Answer: The XR batteries are all compatible with XR tools, but in regular tools, voltage may vary. And that could cause an issue or at least void of warranty.

Question: Can you clean power tools with water and dishwashing liquid?

Answer: Yes you can. But you have to make sure that the power source or battery is totally disconnected and the motor doesn’t get underwater. 

Question: Can an 18V battery run a 20V power tool?

Answer: It will run, but it won’t run at the speed or efficiency it is supposed to. So it will be hard to work with.


We hope we cleared your confusion about what does XR mean on DeWalt tools.

Now, using this information you can choose your tools without any confusion. And that is all we wanted to pass on.

Have fun exploring and have a great day!

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