best flush cutters for 3d printing

Best Flush Cutters for 3D Printing: Ensures Smooth Finish


Wanna give the 3D printings of your thesis work a smooth finishing? If you’re someone who loves making wire jewelry at home, flush cutters are crucial for your purpose. 

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a home handyman, for intricate works flush cutters are incredibly important. But this type of product is quite available in the market. 

Hence finding the Best Flush Cutters for 3D Printing from the abundant options can be overwhelming. But fret not buddy. We scoured through the net for weeks and researched flush cutters thoroughly. 

And afterward, we assembled all the information together. In the latter part, you will find some product suggestions as well as buying factors as well. 

So stick with us till the end. Hopefully, it’ll help you in your decision-making.  

Comparison Table

Product Name Jaw Material Size
Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter Heat-treated Carbon Steel 5 Inches 
IGAN-170 Wire Cutters Stainless Steel 5 Inches 
BOENFU Wire Flush Cutters Iron 6 Inches 
BOENFU Flush Cutters with Spring Heat-treated Carbon Steel 5 Inches 
IGAN-P6 Wire Flush Cutters Chrome Vanadium Steel 6 Inches 
DOWELL Micro Flush Cutter  Heat-treated Carbon Steel 4.5 Inches 


1. Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter

Product Overview

We don’t play favorites here, but after our thorough research, this product seemed the most reliable one. Therefore we placed it on top of our list. The product name is Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter. 

Undoubtedly this is one of the most famous flush cutters available on the market. Well, why wouldn’t it be famous, right? 

This product offers almost everything a user might expect from a good quality flush cutter. Firstly, the blade material which is quite impressive. It’s made of 2.5mm thick heat-treated carbon steel. 

This amazing material quality ensures durability. Also, the sturdy construction ensures a solid performance as well. Therefore, this robust craftsmanship can ensure flush cutting up to 16 gauge copper wire. 

These cutters are promised to give a fine finishing as well as a smooth edge. So you can understand very well that this will cut your 3D printing just perfectly. Sounds amazing, right? 

That’s not all the design of this product deserves a huge appreciation.  From the spring return engineering to the dolphin-style grip- everything is quite brilliant. They all ensure a comfortable grip and the utmost ease of use. 

Overall, this flush cutter ensures good performance with impressive durability. Moreover, the smooth movement enables the user to work for a long without getting exhausted. Altogether quite a package, no? So, just give it a try if you’re looking for a good quality flush cutter. 


  • The material quality is quite impressive, ensures longevity 
  • The design engineering is incredible
  • Handles are nicely designed, provides comfortable grip
  • Cuts smoothly and gives a fine texture 
  • The price for its service is quite impressive


  • The hinge pin sometimes gets dislocated. So the cutter can’t cut straight. 

2. IGAN-170 Wire Cutters

Product Overview

Next up we have a stainless steel-made flush cutter. Even though we are calling it flush cutter, this product is extremely versatile and can do multiple works. The product name is IGAN-170 Wire Cutters. 

IGAN is widely known for its thoughtful engineering and good-quality products. And this particular product is one of the best ones made in their laboratory. 

So let’s just get in the details of this product-

First of all, this one is ultra-sharp and strong. Made of heat-treated carbon steel that is extremely strong and durable. Moreover, the jaws are 11mm long which is just perfect for cutting smoothly.

Therefore, this cutter can cut your 3D printings smoothly. Also, the angled design adds to its perfection and makes your cutting experience even more effortless and fun. 

The comfortable grip is another good side of this product. This is made for professional use so the designers tried to make the handles easy to hold. 

Overall this product is pretty impressive and cuts very well. But the blades aren’t as thin as they are expected to be. This might be a red flag for people who wants a cutter for intricate works. Otherwise, this is a solid cutter. 


  • Robust and durable, the blade material is topnotch 
  • Quite promising at its service
  • The handle design is pretty impressive, they are made of non-slip material
  • Cuts smoothly
  • The grip is extremely comfortable and gives the user ease of use


  • The blades are not as thin as they are expected to be. Therefore, they are not the perfect pick for detailed works. 

3. BOENFU Wire Flush Cutters

Product Overview

As our third product, we have the BOENFU Wire Flush Cutters. If you have some ground ideas about flush cutters then you must have heard this brand’s name. A promising cutter-making brand with good renown. 

Therefore, this product is also very well made and can be an example of their good quality control. From their high hardness to their improvised blade design, this product is promised to provide the user with satisfactory performance. 

It is made of heat-treated chrome vanadium tool steel that is tough and hard. Therefore the sturdiness and durability of this product don’t need any more discussion. They are solidly built and decent at their performance. 

The anti-slip handle and the strong steel return spring make the user experience even nicer. It reduces the stress on the hands and gives the user ultimate comfort. 

The product is extremely efficient at its work. When you’re planning to cut something like 3D printing it’s a must to pick a promising product. This particular product would be a perfect suit for your needs.

The sharp blades as well as their robust construction ensure a smooth cutting. On top of that, the handle just makes the whole thing even easier. The ergonomic design saves time and labor which is definitely a plus point. Altogether, we must say this product is worth a try. But don’t forget to check out the pros and cons before finalizing. 


  • Extremely durable, robust construction ensures tough performance 
  • Handle design is amazing, cuts the waste of time and labor
  • The cutting ability is topnotch, making the edge smooth 
  • Pretty great service for its size 
  • The ergonomic design is certainly worth the appreciation 


  • The jaw design can be improved. They don’t stay close and that hampers the overall performance at times. 

4. BOENFU Flush Cutters with Spring

Product Overview

Pretty amazing that we are already halfway through our shortlist of selected cutters, huh? So next up we have another BOENFU product. Just like our previous pick this one is also praiseworthy for its overall construction and performance. 

We won’t say this is equally good as the previous one. But no wonder it gave the BOENFU Wire Flush Cutters a pretty tough competition for its position. So let’s start with their basic difference. 

The major difference is its cutting ability is not as good as the previous one. However, it can cut pretty well and is a decent pick for cutting 3D printings perfectly. 

Moreover, the product is a great deal for its price. It is extremely firm and sharp as well. So the job of cutting can be done without putting much pressure on your hands. 

This is definitely going to save some of your labor and give your hands some rest. Apart from the comfortable grip, the blade material also deserves applause. 

Its made of good quality carbon and has a black oxide coating that prevents rust. So durability is great as well. 

As a whole, we loved this product and would suggest you give it a try. 


  • Great performance, robust and durable
  • Amazing deal of price and service
  • It Saves labor and gives your hands the comfort and ease
  • Ergonomic design is also praiseworthy 


  • Not very great at cutting thick wires or thick materials. 

5. IGAN-P6 Wire Flush Cutters

Product Overview

Moving on to the next product that we have on our list. The product name is IGAN-P6 Wire Flush Cutters. We have already discussed one product from the same brand. So no need to waste words praising their consistency in product quality. 

This product is no different than the usual quality that IGAN maintains. Made of extremely robust chrome vanadium tool steel, this product is pretty renowned for its durability. 

Its solid construction makes it a favorite for people who wants a versatile cutter. This can effortlessly cut smoothly and gives your 3D painting a nice edgy look. 

Next up, let’s talk about the wonderful design engineering of this 6-inch cutter. The material is heat-treated and extremely strong. Moreover, it has a ground-angled head that makes the cutting easier. 

This ease of use saves labor and ensures the comfort of the user. No doubt, this is one of the major reasons why users love this product so much. It can minimize hand fatigue and enables the user to work for a long while without aching. 

Considering the service that this cutter provides for its price is amazing. The overall performance is also praiseworthy. Undoubtedly a good pick in our sense. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a 3D printing cutter. 


  • Provides the user utmost ease of use and comfort 
  • Minimizes the had fatigue by saving labor. The handle design is topnotch 
  • Durability is good. Robust construction makes it a remarkable one 
  • Cuts smoothly and is designed with a ground-angled head. 
  • Great performance for its price 


  • A bit larger in size therefore not very perfect for exquisite works. 

6. DOWELL Micro Flush Cutter 

Product Overview

As our last product, we have the DOWELL Micro Flush Cutter. Another product that has 11mm long heat-treated carbon-made jaws just like our second pick. Well, the quality of this product is also very decent like the mentioned one.

The blades are not only good in material quality but their functionality is also topnotch. They are designed to ensure a clean and smooth flush cut. And this is exactly what you are looking for. 

Hence this product is certainly a great pick for anyone looking for a 3D printing cutter. On top of that, this product is versatile as well. So you will be able to use it for wire cutting or other purposes as well. 

Speaking of the design, the manufacturers were extremely thoughtful about making it. They tried to make the design very unique yet comfortable so that it can save labor. And this approach has made this product extremely comfy. 

The grip and the spring design both should be appreciated in this regard. Besides the soft, non-slip, and rubber-like texture just adds more to its scoreboard. 

Overall, this product is very decent, and we found this to be pretty promising. The maneuverability is also praiseworthy. Hence, we recommend this one for your regular use. 


  • The maneuverability make it a good pick
  • The service for its price is quite an amazing deal
  • Product quality and design is topnotch
  • Extremely comfortable handle and ergonomic design gives the user ease of use 
  • Solid construction, good quality materials 


  • Doesn’t last long. Need some improvement in the durability section. 
  • Overall quality control can be advanced to make this product even better.  

Buying Guide

When you’re considering anything to purchase, it’s obvious that you would love to know a bit about the product. Moreover, having some generic information really helps you to choose wisely. 

Therefore, we always encourage to know about the buying factors before finally picking a product. As a result, here we have added some of the things that you must check before purchasing. 

Let’s have a look at them- 

Quality Comes First 

Whenever you’re thinking about buying a flush cutter, always remember to check out its product quality. Well, this literally activates some a question that how to judge the product quality. 

Firstly, the quality of the material is one of the key indicators of product quality. Moreover, research about the overall performance will give you a good idea. Most importantly, look out for the product durability which is another extremely important factor. 

So, whenever you’re considering a flush cutter make sure that the product is good in quality. Otherwise, your investment won’t be worth the purchase. 

Check the Jaw and Blade Functionality 

Arguably the most important factor that you must check is the jaw and its functionality. Because ultimately that’s what you’re gonna use to cut, right? 

Hence this is utterly important to know about the blade material. Depending on the blade material the blade’s cutting ability changes. Also, material-wise some other functionalities change as well. 

It’s wise to know about your purposes well so that you can pick a perfect one for that. Stainless steel blades and carbon blades aren’t the same in the regard to functionality. So do your research here before you finalize your pick. 

Moreover, the jaw design also has some effect on the overall performance. Check the cutter design, whether it has spring or not, how does it work, and related thing beforehand. 

All this background work will lead you to the best product of your desire. 

Don’t Forget About the Handle 

Already have talked enough about the blade and why it is important to choose the blade carefully. But the handle design and handle material are just as important as the blade quality. 

Try to pick a product with a non-slip handle. This saves you from any mishaps regarding the cutter slipping away from your hand. Also, the handle design has equal importance as the material. 

Because if you choose a product that has a fine handle with a comfortable grip, your total experience will be great. However, if you, unfortunately, fail at this, the work process might become hell. 

Therefore, we always give the handle design lots of importance when you’re considering buying a flush cutter. 

Budget Constraint is Always There!

As a buyer, having a budget constraint is very much understandable. Or better say, that’s just natural because we all function with a budget in our head. 

Therefore, considering the budget when purchasing a flush cutter is important. This job might be tough, a bit overwhelming as well. But we can tell you a very easy way. 

Just list down your criteria and short-list the eligible products. Then choose one from the list that matches both your needs and your budget. Yeah, now it sounds easy, right? 

So jump into your research work keeping all these in mind before judging the available products.

Perfect is an extremely heavy word. We won’t say that it’s possible to pick up a perfect flush cutter. But we believe if you choose carefully, finding a suitable one isn’t impossible.  


Question: What is the difference between side cutters and flush-cutters?

Answer: Basically a flush cutter cuts the wire straight and keeps it on the same plane. This indicates the smooth-cutting finish. Side cutters or angle cutters cut on an angle. This is where these two are different.

Question: What is the function of flush cutters?

Answer: A flush cutter is quite a versatile piece of equipment. It helps in wire cutting as well as it can cut thin materials. Most importantly, they can give a smooth and fine-looking finishing after cutting. 

Question: What are semi-flush cutters?

Answer: Semi-flush cutters can leave a pyramidal tip at the end of the wire. They are particularly good for wire cutting where final finishing isn’t much necessary. 

Question: Why do wire cutters have insulated handles?

Answer: Wire cutters have insulated handles to resist the user from getting shocks. As mishaps can happen anytime therefore as a precaution wire cutters are made with resistant materials. This prevents the user from getting shocked. 

Final Verdict 

Seems like we have reached the end in just a blink of an eye. It’s time to say goodbye. But before parting ways, we really hope this read has helped you in picking up the best flush cutters for 3D printing

So that was all we had to offer. Just pick one of the products that we have enlisted here. However, we suggest you do your own research because you know your preferences the best. 

We wanna wish you the best of luck with 3D printing cutting. The work might be a tough one but you’ll surely nail it with the perfect cutter. Have fun buddy.

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