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Ares Tools Review: Let’s Dive Deep to Know More About It


Who doesn’t need tools to maintain the home right? Exactly, that’s the thing. Be it, some professional who needs tools or a simple homeowner who just wants to maintain his home, tools are always necessary. 

Ares is a renowned hand tool manufacturing brand and they offer a wide variety of products. But finding the best ones for your needs ain’t an easy task, obviously.

Therefore, we researched for weeks before writing this Ares tools review. This includes some of the best creations of this brand and their detailed description. This will certainly help you get an overview of them. 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the details- 

Comparison Table


Product Name Material Total Piece of Equipment in the Set
ARES SAE Magnetic Impact Nut Driver Bit Set Chrome Vanadium Steel 6-Piece
ARES Wobble Extension Set Chrome Vanadium Steel 9-Piece
ARES 90 Tooth Ratchet Set Chrome Vanadium Steel 3-Piece
ARES 90-Tooth Aluminum Handle Ratchet Aluminum Single 
ARES Socket Accessory Set  Chrome Vanadium Steel, Alloy Steel 34-Piece
ARES Metric Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set  Alloy Steel 9-Piece 


1. ARES SAE Magnetic Impact Nut Driver Bit Set

Product Overview

Let’s start our review part with one of the popular Ares tools set that is the ARES SAE Magnetic Impact Nut Driver Bit Set. As the name suggests this is a set of magnetic nut drivers. 

This nut driver set is made of impact-grade Chrome Vanadium steel. The material quality is incredible and quite promising at providing good durability.

Moreover, the nut drivers are coated with Manganese Phosphate. This ensures rust and corrosion prevention. As a whole, the construction ensures a satisfactory lifetime as well as a good service. 

On top of that, these nut drivers have a 1/4-inch hex shank. This design engineering ensures fitting any standard quick connect drill chuck. Overall, the performance is pretty praiseworthy. 

Besides, it has a strong magnet that is up to the industrial bar. And the storage rail is reusable and extremely good in quality. No chance of complaining about the fineness of the product, as you can see. 

Lastly, the efficiency and effectiveness of these drivers are amazing. They are extremely reliable. And most importantly, reaches where your fingers can’t. Exactly what you are expecting from your nut drivers, right? 

The versatility of these drivers is also pretty decent. Moreover, they come with a lifetime warranty. So we suggest giving this product a try if you want to have a driver set at your home. 


  • Very efficient at its performance
  • Extremely reliable, using it will give you amazing service 
  • Robust construction, strong and compact
  • Durable and good service for money 
  • Gives comfort to the user that is labor-saving 


  • The hex shaft part isn’t that good in quality and breaks off easily. 

2. ARES Wobble Extension Set

Product Overview

Next up we have a wobble extension set from the famous brand Ares. The product name is ARES Wobble Extension Set. A perfect product for mechanical usage and made with utmost perfection. 

The product is very well made. It’s constructed of heat-treated Chrome Vanadium steel. As you already know this is extremely robust and tough in nature. Moreover, the coating of corrosion-resistant Nickel/Chrome just adds to it. 

Together they ensure durability and sturdiness. On top of that, the spring-loaded detent ball ensures that your sockets have proper movement. Considering everything the design seems to be very thoughtful.

Just to mention, these wobble extensions meet and exceed ANSI/ASME standards. The extensions have a 2-function design feature that ensures their reliability and effectiveness. 

In total it’s a promising product that has quite a satisfactory service. And the usual Ares service and their customer service together make this wobble extension set just amazing. 

We really do believe that this product is worth being in your tool bag. Don’t think much about it, just check the pros and cons and pick this up if it fits your needs. 


  • Amazing construction
  • Reliable, durable, and efficient 
  • Serves just perfectly
  • Corrosion-resistant and rest free 
  • Great design engineering 


  • The product service is a bit too pricey 

3. ARES 90 Tooth Ratchet Set

Product Overview

Next up we have the ARES 90 Tooth Ratchet Set. If you’re into tools then you must know how important ratchet is. Therefore, it’s really necessary for it to be good and sturdy in quality. 

And most amazingly, this Ares ratchet is perfect at its service. The solid build, as well as the reversible design, makes it a great product. 

It’s made of Chrome Vanadium steel and has a Mirror Polish Chrome finish. Altogether they prevent corrosion and ensure the durability of this product. 

As we can see from the name, this product has a total of 90 reversible teeth. They work to ensure reliable performance. The ratcheting mechanism only needs a 4-degree swing arc to operate. 

Added to this, you can easily change the drive direction with a flick of the thumb switch on the back of the ratchet head. Overall the design ensures faster work and is easily stuck on fastener heads.

It can be held comfortably and easily without much pressure on the head. And the efficiency of this product is quite decent. Considering everything, this product sounds just perfect if you’re looking for a ratchet. 


  • Durable, sturdy, and reliable
  • Service is amazing 
  • Doesn’t require extra pressure, works smoothly, and saves labor
  • Comfortable grip


  • The size of this product seems a bit smaller than usual. 

4. ARES 90-Tooth Aluminum Handle Ratchet

Product Overview

This time we have another ratchet on our list. The next product is a handle ratchet. The name of this product is ARES 90-Tooth Aluminum Handle Ratchet. Just like the previous ratchet it also has a total of 90 teeth. 

Unlike all the other products that we have on our list, this product is made of aluminum. As a result, it is extremely lightweight. Therefore, carrying it or using it both becomes really easy and comfortable. 

The design of this product deserves a huge shoutout. It’s nicely made and the quality is also satisfactory. Its handle design is ergonomic and adds some cookie points to this product’s scoreboard. 

On top of that, this product is extremely reliable in its performance. So you can definitely purchase it to keep in your collection. Our research-based insights say that it’ll be worth the purchase. 


  • Robust build
  • Reliable performance 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around 
  • Comfortable to use


  • The aluminum isn’t rustproof, this is a major issue about this product

5. ARES Socket Accessory Set

Product Overview

We are very close to the end. As our second last product, we have a socket accessory set. The product name is ARES Socket Accessory Set. 

This set included an adapter, bits and bits holder, and universal joints. It’s a perfectly designed magnetic organizer for ideal accessory storage. It has a total of 34 pieces of small and large parts. 

This set is made of Chrome Vanadium Steel and Alloy Steel. All the parts are in various sizes so that you can use them in different usages. The quality of this set is quite great. 

The bit holders are coated with rust and corrosion-resistant Manganese Phosphate. And the rest of the adapters and U-joints have a corrosion-resistant CRV Nickel/Chrome coating. 

You can understand very well that they are strongly constructed and this enables them to perform greatly. The product service is also great. You can rely on its service and can expect efficiency. Overall quite a decent product, no doubt about that. 


  • Reliable product with great efficiency 
  • Durable and robust
  • Has a lock feature 
  • Reasonable price range 
  • Easy to remove 


  • The magnet quality must be upgraded

6. ARES Metric Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set 

Product Overview

As our showstopper, we have the ARES Metric Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set. This is a great toolset with hex keys of different sizes. Also, the quality of this product is simply top-notch. 

The craftsmanship of this product deserves a huge shoutout. It is forged from premium S2 steel. So no need to talk about the product’s sturdiness and strength. 

On top of this great material, this product has a fine quality chrome coating. This ensures highly visible texture and resists slipping away. Moreover, this is also preventive to rust and ensures a good product life. 

The design of this product is also praiseworthy. The extra length gives it added torque and makes the functionality even better. If you are in need of a hex key wrench to drive a bolt at an odd angle, this product should be your pick. 

This is just amazing at such crucial works. The design perfection gives it versatility and ensures efficiency as well. As a whole this product is reliable and a perfect pick for your tools collection. 


  • The price is extremely reasonable, great service for its price range
  • Reliable performance 
  • Strong build 
  • Durable and promising at crucial works. 


  • The metal quality needs to be improved 

Buying Guide 

Well, before picking your products, it’s necessary to know about the basic buying factors. When you’re considering Ares tools we would recommend you to know some important buying factors. 

These will help you to pick the most suitable product. So let’s dive into it- 

Material Quality 

Solid construction and good quality material make the product strong and robust. Some materials make the product more user-friendly than others. Hence knowing about it should be on the top of your priority list while choosing. 

Product’s weight, ease of use, and comfort everything depends on it. So try to be careful about it. Don’t forget to pick a product that satisfies your needs and ensures the best for you. 


When you’re investing in something, it’s utterly necessary to ensure that the product will last long. Otherwise, your investment will go in vain. Who would like to purchase a good that is not going to provide good longevity, right? 

Check out the product’s customer review to know in detail about the product’s life. Picking a durable product will make your overall user experience better. 


As much as you need to choose your product carefully and according to your need, you also need to keep the price in your mind. Everyone has their budget and no one should exceed this without a vital reason. 

Therefore, we always suggest checking the product price closely and judging if the service is worth the price or not. You should never break your bank for something that won’t perform incredibly well. 


Question: Are Ares tools any good?

Answer: Ares tools have a solid rating with amazing customer reviews. This certainly indicates that they are well made and good. They are strong, robust, and very good at their fundamental purpose. 

Question: Who makes Ares tools?

Answer: ARES is a subsidiary of CIJS Co., Ltd. They are a hand tool manufacturing industry of Taiwan. 

Question: Are Ares ratchets good?

Answer: To be honest, as per the reviews and ratings Ares ratchets are just incredible. From the construction to its service, everything is excellent and dedicated to its service.   

To Sum Up 

That’s all from our side. We tried our best to include our research-based information as well as our insights. Hope this Ares tools review will help you pick your desired ones. 

Tools are something that we don’t use every day but we don’t know when we will need them. That’s why finding the right tool is important as well as crucial. 

Therefore, we would suggest you be careful in this regard and pick your products after thinking thoroughly. Our best wishes to you.

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